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Hair transplant in Lahore PowerPoint Presentation
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Hair transplant in Lahore

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Hair transplant in Lahore
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Hair transplant in Lahore

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  1. HAIR REPLACEMENT IN PAKISTAN Hair replacement is a non-surgical technique used in Pakistan for the hair loss. Men and women should not worry about their hair fall problems. Hair replacement is an alternative solution to cover baldness. This treatment is considered as the permanent solution for both men and women. It is a simple procedure which requires a lot of skill and professionalism. Hair replacement is a safe procedure and also the best solution for hair fall problems in men and women for several weeks. If the attachment of hair is not fixed than several tapes are used to fix it which is replaced normally after few weeks. Where there is baldness or less hair is present, new hair is added. This process takes almost four to six weeks to be completed. A famous actor of Pakistan, Faisal Qureshi has undergone this procedure. In non surgical hair replacement, base plays an important and vital part. There are many kinds of bases available which are attached with the scalp to give a natural look. Perfect fitting and accurate place for replacement is required. For further details click There are different procedures for hair replacement using now a days which includes: 1)Attachments or Extensions: These extensions are either natural or synthetic. They are easy to shape and there colors are natural. All variety of these extensions is available in market including pony tails, bangs and hair pieces.

  2. 2)Bonding a Particular piece: In this process, a piece of hair is attached to the selected part of your scalp with the help of glue. This is a very safe and common procedure in Pakistan. Its maintenance is after every three weeks. 3)Cyber Hair: This is the latest scientific invention with lots of features like durability, softness, lightness etc. due to its uniformity, this method is superior among other techniques. This product has high moisture content making it perfect for the one having active lifestyles. 4)Reconditioning: In this method, vitamins are added to the parts of scalp, in order to revitalize your hair. It gives natural and bouncy look to your hair. 5)Wigs: Wigs are used either for full coverage or part of scalp to be covered. Wigs are one of the oldest method to be used of hair replacement. 6)Topical Solutions: Topical solutions are used on the scalp and are directly applied on the affected area. If a person wants to go under hair replacement procedure, he should keep three things in mind. The first step is to take advice from professional experts for your hair loss problem. It is recommended to start hair loss treatments  as soon as the hair starts to fall.

  3. Although there is a wide range of hair replacement procedures and it’s easy, some people prefer to have hair transplant. . However, hair transplantation is a major surgery and many people do not want to undergo all this process. Thirdly, it is very important to share everything about yourself with the consultant, your age, occupation etc. so that they can help you to decide which procedure to be carried out. After Hair replacement, you should be very careful and gentle with the hair. Never brush your hair when they are wet or do not use hair dryer much. In Pakistan, many hair loss saloons are offering free consultation to the patients. This will help you to find a perfect solution for your hair loss. They will recommend either to use medicines or hair pieces for your Scalp. If you are looking for permanent hair loss solution that will retain forever, then definitely hair transplant in Lahore clinic will give you long lasting results.