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Tips to Select the Best Real Estate Agent PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips to Select the Best Real Estate Agent

Tips to Select the Best Real Estate Agent

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Tips to Select the Best Real Estate Agent

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  1. Tips to Select the Best Real Estate Agent Before you select a real estate agent for a property transaction, you need to do an extensive amount of research within the market. With so many real estate agents, it’s quite difficult to select the top real estate agents in Los Angeles or in any region.

  2. How to Find an Agent Of course, there can be no better assurance than credentials. If you are a buyer, inquire about the past transactions handled by the agent and talk with a few past clients to learn their opinions. If you are a seller, check the difference between the asking price and the selling price. Also, check whether there are awards or endorsements given by trusted authorities to the real estate agent.

  3. 1.       Online Listing  The online directories provide a list of the top real estate agents within your preferred areas based on their marketing and relationship skills; this is a dependable way to find the top real estate agents in Los Angeles or in any other cosmopolitan city. Note the property transactions and prices posted by the agents in the directory.

  4. 2. Check Individual Websites Sometimes the online directories cannot be trusted as they list the companies in order of how much is paid for their placement. It is better to search in Google for the top real estate agents in Los Angeles or another city. Visit each individual website to find out their offerings. You can find customer reviews on many company websites.

  5. 3. Follow the Network: Relationships are a big factor for real estate. An agent, who is in good terms with the clients, even after a sale, can generate more business as people often ask their friends and family members to refer the name of a real estate agent. Not only clients, brokers from other areas can refer the name of a reputed broker in your area, if the latter maintains a good business network.

  6. It is a good option to attend the Open Houses where you can find a friendly environment to meet real estate agents and find their contact details. Notice how well they are able to communicate with you or how much attention they are paying. 

  7. What You Need to Verify Knowledge: Check whether an agent has enough information about your location preference. See whether they keep recent updates of property listings. See the level of experience, that is, for how long the agent has been in the field.  For example, do they know the values and other valuable information off the top of their head.  It’s not wise for you to be a subject of experimentation.

  8. Efficiency: In the online listings, note the property ads posted by the real estate agent. Notice how quickly the ad disappears; it indicates how fast the agent is able to close deals. Certification: Check the training and specialization of the real estate agent. There are certifications like CRS (Certified Residential Specialist), ABR (Accredited Buyer's Representative) or SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) to qualify the agents for different segments of real estate. So, be particular about a specialist for your type of property transaction.

  9. License: Each agent is licensed under state regulations. So, don’t forget to check the BRE license number of the agent and their professional past (whether there is any complaint or action against the agent). An agent with a Realtor® logo is enlisted with the National Association of Realtors and adheres to certain rules and ethics set by the organization.

  10. Buying Property for Investment? Be Even More Cautious Investment can be of two types: 1) buy and hold, or 2) rehab and sell. Whatever it may be, your real estate agent must have a good knowledge of the market, that is, which area is suitable for which type of deals. You need a smart agent who understands the buyer’s and sellers mind at every step. A good real estate agent will know that an investor will need to buy a property at the cheapest price possible and the property doesn't need to always be in the best condition.

  11. Business Details: Contact Person: Roger Perry Address : Rodeo Realty, 202 N. Canon Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Mobile: (310) 600-1553 Email: Website: