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No title. First Alberta campus radio association strategic plan 2013-2016. Smarta goals. SMARTA – means S – Specific M – Measurable A – Attainable R – Results-Orientated A – Agreed. Types of goals. Short Term - 1 year, 2013 to 2014 year Mid Term - 2 year, 2014 to 2015 year, and

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    1. No title First Alberta campus radio association strategic plan 2013-2016

    2. Smarta goals • SMARTA – means • S – Specific • M – Measurable • A – Attainable • R – Results-Orientated • A – Agreed

    3. Types of goals • Short Term - 1 year, 2013 to 2014 year • Mid Term - 2 year, 2014 to 2015 year, and • Long Term - 3 years, 2015 to 2016 year • Note: Years are considered to be based on time between the Annual General Meeting of the Association typically in June annually, specific dates TBD by FACRA.

    4. Stable funding & Policy funding sources • Rationale: Impacts Finances, Ability to do things & achieve certain desired goals. Due to operational & possible cultural impact.

    5. Goal #1 short term •  "FACRA will  pass an update to CJSR's Advertising Policy to be more congruent with our mission, operational and financial needs. The update will be conducted through Policy Committee meetings that include consultation with  interested volunteers and members, and specified staff & board members.  This will be completed by November 30th 2013."

    6. Improving Program Quality by Strengthening the Programming Committee Structure • Rationale:  In Lieu of ability to have and afford ($) a Program Manager as part of the staff compliment.

    7. Goal #2 short term • "Improve program quality by strengthening the program committee to 15 people. Seven committee members are required for quorum in order to review show proposals or show changes. Show proposals will be reviewed within 6 weeks of submission. The new programming committee will have clearly defined roles for its members, which will include regular review of current shows. The committee will review forty shows by the date of the next AGM (September, 2014) Committee to be struck and hold its first monthly meeting by August 2, 2013."

    8. Volunteer Experience – Find & Allocate Resources for Volunteer Intake and Training Process Initiative • Rationale:  Required in short term to move toward long term goal related to Implementing a Volunteer Intake and Training Process

    9. Goal #3 short term • "A subcommittee two board members and SMED will research three other similar not-for-profit volunteer programs by January 15, 2014. This subcommittee will define all necessary resources ( human and monetary) required to develop and implement a volunteer program for CJSR and make a  recommendation to the FACRA Board for the 2013/14 budget."

    10. Raising Public Profile – Improve Public Profile of Station by Clarifying and Managing the Station Brand Identity • Rationale:  Good Karma, Star Card in community (donors & business relationships)

    11. Goal #4 mid term Project to be overseen by Community Relations Committee. Call out to membership for all Logos currently used by volunteers. (Deadline: September 1, 2013). Create central repository for logos by Oct 1, 2013. Call out to one of many talented designers that CJSR has around to Create CJSR Brand identity guide in Adobe PDF Format, including clearly defining pantone colours, fonts, uses and permissions (November 1, 2013). Rebrand/recreate Star Card (December 1, 2013)

    12. Improve Program Quality & Vol. Experience – Create a Mentorship Program • Rationale:  Increasing quality & consistency of programming

    13. Goal #5 mid-term • "Define role of mentor. Create mentor document. Recruit ten experienced mentors by November 1, 2013.  Assign all new on-air volunteers to official mentors and their programs for a minimum of three month period. This mentorship program is a requirement for all new on air hosts and producers."

    14. Improve program quality • Rationale:  Improve Programming before increasing efforts significantly to increase the public profile .

    15. GOAL #6 mid-long term • The Music Director and the SMED will research similar sized stations in the National Campus and Community Radio Association. This research will include looking at different models of staffing that include program managers and or program directors. • A report of the findings will be brought to FACRA by May of 2014. At this time a recommendation will be made on the feasibility of including a program director/program manager.