ihs engineering projects n.
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IHS engineering Projects PowerPoint Presentation
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IHS engineering Projects

IHS engineering Projects

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IHS engineering Projects

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  1. IHS engineering Projects

  2. Office of Environmental Health and Engineering (GAM) Gary Hartz, P.E. Director Randall Gardner, P.E. Acting Deputy Director Char Romero Administrative Officer Brittainy Cortilet Administrative Officer Division of Facilities Operation (GAMB) • Kevin D’Amanda, P.E. Director Felicia Snowden Realty Officer Brenda Hall Realty Specialist Mark Thomas, P.E. Clinical Engineer Gordon Delchamps, P.E. General Engineer Brian Kaplan Computer Engineer Larry Miloscia Realty Specialist Division of Environmental Health Services (GAMD) Kelly Taylor, R.S. Director Susan McCracken Assistant Director Nancy Bill Injury Prevention Darren Buchanan Staff Sanitarian Dave McMahon Inst. Env. Hlth Jessica Schwarz Inst. Env. Hlth Division of Sanitation Facilities Construction (GAMA) Ronald Ferguson, P.E. Director Stephen Aoyama, P.E. Senior Engineer Dana Baer, P.E. Assistant Director Carol Rogers, P.E. Staff Engineer Ramsey Hawasly, P.E. Staff Engineer Division of Facilities Planning and Construction (GAMC) Raymond Cooke, P.E. Acting Director John Longstaff, P.E. General Engineer Steve Raynor, P.E. General Engineer Peter Nachod, P.E. General Engineer James Ludington, P.E. General Engineer Division of Engineering Services Kenneth Harper, P.E. Director (GAME) Seattle Office – Kenneth Harper, P.E. Director Dallas Office - Tommy Bowman, R.A. Director

  3. Purpose and Money Congressional Authorization • Snyder Act authorized funds • Transfer Act placed programs in PHS • Indian Health Care Improvement Act – blanket authorization Congressional Appropriations Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Managing Department Health and Human Services

  4. Sound Programs built on Vision and Mission • Data collection systems • Allocation methodologies • Solicitations and funding mechanisms • Recipient supplies needs based data • Recipient receives funding or product • Results are reviewed for program objectives

  5. Project Types • Health Care Facilities Construction • Sanitation Facilities Construction • Maintenance and Improvement • Medical Equipment

  6. ‘The ARRA Work’ • Projects developed and implemented byengineers • Contracting Officers or someone who can legally obligate the Federal Government • Technical issues handled locally • Two ways ARRA work was classified • Federal Contracts • Grants – Tribal Agreements

  7. IHS projects in General • Area OEHE Directors and HQ Division Directors are involved in allocation strategy • Projects are identified from data system information or Area program managers • Project managers are assigned • Projects proceed