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Europe Project: Ice Hockey

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Europe Project: Ice Hockey - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Europe Project: Ice Hockey. Project By: Mitch Howe. Questions. Who thought of the game in the first place? Which came first: roller or ice hockey? Who invented skates or were skates invented for the game itself?. Questions Continued. 4. How many players are there?

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europe project ice hockey

Europe Project: Ice Hockey

Project By: Mitch Howe

  • Who thought of the game in the first place?
  • Which came first: roller or ice hockey?
  • Who invented skates or were skates invented for the game itself?
questions continued
Questions Continued

4. How many players are there?

5. What are the rules of ice hockey?

6. What equipment do they use in ice hockey?

7. What are the roles of the players? (Defense, offence, goalie, etc.)

8. Where is it popular and what causes it to be popular at that place or region?

  • The game is thought to be invented by British soldiers with a rubber ball and very, very basic rules.
  • Ice hockey was first played around 1850 and roller hockey was first played around the early 1900’s.
  • Ice skates were originally invented for Europeans in cold climates to be able to travel far distances even across ice.
answers continued
Answers Continued
  • There is allowed a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 6 allowed.
  • The goal is to get the puck inside the enemy’s goal. If a player breaks a rule they get put in the penalty box. Each goal scores one point, the team with the highest amount of points wins.
  • Helmets, face masks, gloves, elbow pads, padded pants, hockey stick, skates, goalie pads, and mouth guards.
answers continued again
Answers Continued Again
  • There is a goalie, 2 defense, and 3 offense.
  • Ice hockey is believed to be most popular in Canada (ice hockey to them is football to us) and is probably popular there because they’re the 2nd most rich country and have a very cold climate.
learning targets
Learning Targets
  • Ice hockey shows that wherever it was created that they must be in a cold climate to have a game played on ice and ice hockey has a unique perspective considering it’s the only competitive team sport played on ice.
  • There is much conflict over who wins in the game. We can prevent this by showing that playing hockey is a sport made for entertainment and fun, not for fighting over who wins.

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