writing a business resume that gets read l.
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Writing a Business Resume That Gets Read! PowerPoint Presentation
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Writing a Business Resume That Gets Read!

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Writing a Business Resume That Gets Read! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Writing a Business Resume That Gets Read!. Jim Bombino SBA Career Services—SBA 240 (503) 725-3746 bombinoj @sba.pdx.edu. Some BAD resumes. Several ways to really present the wrong image Bad Layout Irrelevant information Poor Proof Reeding Too much information!.

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Writing a Business Resume That Gets Read!

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writing a business resume that gets read

Writing a Business Resume That Gets Read!

Jim Bombino

SBA Career Services—SBA 240

(503) 725-3746 bombinoj@sba.pdx.edu

some bad resumes
Some BAD resumes
  • Several ways to really present the wrong image
    • Bad Layout
    • Irrelevant information
    • Poor Proof Reeding
    • Too much information!
eight keys to getting noticed
Eight Keys To Getting Noticed
  • Pick the Chronological format (?)
  • Design a good layout
  • Target your Audience
  • Talk about skills related THIS job!
  • Be Specific
  • Be Honest
  • PROO-FREAD!!! (get it?)
two basic layouts
Two Basic Layouts
  • Chronological
    • Lists jobs in chronological order
    • Lists specific tasks and skills relevant to this job
  • Functional
    • Skill-based resume
    • De-emphasizes companies & dates
    • Separately lists job titles, companies, dates at the bottom
  • Relevant course projects and/or work history.
  • It is easy to read and understand.
  • Most commonly used (about 95%).
  • Refer to sample (packet)
  • Without relevant coursework or work history.
  • Returning to work or changing careers.
  • Less widely used….some employers view with skepticism.
  • Think we’re trying to hide something!
relevant skills
Relevant Skills
  • Skills you developed in:
  • Related work or internships
  • Class projects or assignments!!!
  • Work in other fields (transferable skills)
  • Other activities—e.g.
      • volunteer work
      • student organizations
      • sports
your resume should contain these elements
  • Header
  • Objective
  • Profile or Summary
  • Education
  • Course Projects
    • Written as “accomplishment statements”
  • Work History
    • Written as “accomplishment statements”
other important info to consider
  • Other relevant experience?
  • Student activities?
  • Volunteer or charity work?
  • Awards or honors?
    • GPA above 3.0
    • Dean’s List
    • Scholarships
quantify quantify quantify
  • How Much…
    • Money did you raise for your student organization or charity?
    • Did sales increase?
  • How many …
    • People did you supervise?
    • Customers did you serve?
    • Attendees came to the student organization event?
accomplishment statements look like this
Accomplishment Statements Look Like This:
  • Analyzed financial data for 2 billion dollar sportswear company resulting in cost savings of 10-20% in first year.
  • Created marketing plan for beverage industry increasing visibility of products.
  • Performed cost/benefit analysis for apparel company resulting in savings of $10-15,000 in first six months.
here s the formula
  • Strong verb (or verbs)—e.g.“Assisted”
  • Plus Object—e.g.”30-40 customers”
  • Quantify(?)—e.g.”daily”
  • Plus Result—e.g.”contributing to improved customer satisfaction ratings of 10-15%.”
finished product
Finished product:
  • “Assisted 30-40 customers daily contributing to improved customer satisfaction ratings of 10-15%.”
  • Now, isn’t that easy?
exercise write an accomplishment which begins
EXERCISE: Write an accomplishment which begins…
  • Communicated……
  • Prepared……
  • Researched……
  • Analyzed……
  • Organized……
  • Created……
  • Refer to your action word list. (handout)
your job is
  • Determine who’s reading this?
  • The “economical use of words”
  • Use the most powerful/descriptive words without exaggerating.
  • Use ONLY information relevant to THIS job/internship?
be specific
Be Specific
  • What…
    • Skills did you use?
    • Results did you have?
    • Tasks/Processes did you perform?
  • Where…
    • Business setting?
    • Retail environment?
    • Office setting?
  • Whom…
  • Did you supervise?
  • How many?
  • Did you assist?
be honest
Be Honest
  • Do Not:
    • Overstate your responsibilities.

“Managed HR functions for a staff of 300.”


    • Be honest and accurate.

“Coordinated and organized HR filing project for more than 300 student workers resulting in improved access to personal data.”

format your resume effectively
Format your Resume Effectively
  • Most important content should be in the first third of the page (20 seconds average reading time).
  • Use the white space- too much or too little can detract from your message.
  • Create Balance- your resume should not be lopsided or bottom heavy.
  • Be consistent – don’t change fonts or headings; don’t use italics!
target your audience
Target Your Audience
  • Review job announcement.
  • USE THEIR LANGUAGE (keywords)!!!
  • Skills, knowledge and achievements which MATCH the position in the top 1/3.
  • If it’s FLUFF, take it out!
proof red
  • Use spell check
  • Do not rely solely on spell check!

e.g.--misspelled or wrong company name

--misspelled contact name

--real-words but not the RIGHT real

(Have others review it—”fresh-eyes”)

  • Put it aside and come back to it later.
your major
Your major
  • “We believe that you should choose a major that truly reflects something that you are passionate about. It should lead to a profession that you can willingly and with joy spend one-half of your waking hours pursuing.”
  • Dr. Will Keim, Ph.D.
  • Curtis Zimmerman
  • The Character Institute—Mason, OH
sba resources
SBA Resources
  • Individual Resume review:
      • Fran Moga—(503) 725-3710


      • Jim Bombino—(503) 725-3746