the animal alphabet n.
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The Animal Alphabet PowerPoint Presentation
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The Animal Alphabet

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The Animal Alphabet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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P. L. U. A. D. The Animal Alphabet. I. Q. Z. By: Rachel Lawrence. R. B. F. M. Click here for a quick video on the Animal Alphabet!. Can you match the animal with the correct letter?. A B C D E F. Ant Bat Cat Duck Elephant Frog. A B C D E F.

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The Animal Alphabet

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  1. P L U A D The AnimalAlphabet I Q Z By: Rachel Lawrence R B F M

  2. Click here for a quick video on the Animal Alphabet!

  3. Can you match the animal with the correct letter? A B C D E F

  4. Ant Bat Cat Duck Elephant Frog A B C D E F

  5. As you move through the slide show, keep trying to match the animals with the letter that it starts with! G H I J K L

  6. Gorilla Hippo Iguana Jaguar Kangaroo Lion G H I J K L

  7. Each letter has a specific sound to it… M N O P Q R

  8. Monkey Narwhal Owl Penguin Quail Raccoon M N O P Q R

  9. As you continue your journey through the slide show, you’ll realize every letter matches with the first letter that the animal starts with. But some letters are very tricky! S T U V W X This is the tricky one, look at the last letter in the name.

  10. Squirrel Tiger Unicorn Vulture Whale Fox S T U V W X

  11. Understand that printed letters represent spoken words. Y and Z

  12. Yak Zebra Y And Z

  13. THE END!

  14. GLCE’s • Phonics • Students will understand the alphabetic principle, that sounds in words are expressed by the letters of the alphabet. • Vocabulary • Students will, in context, determine the meaning of words and phrases including objects, actions, concepts, content vocabulary, and literary terms, using strategies and resources including context clues, mental pictures, and questioning.

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