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Gender and Life

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Gender and Life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gender and Life. Vocab. To make someone feel To make someone feel like______ Crybaby To be upset To feel hurt To feel understood To feel accepted. = 誰かに何かを感じさせる = 誰かを____のように感じさせる = 泣き虫 = 動揺する;怒ってる = 傷付いたと感じる = 理解してくれた と感じる = 受け入れたと感じる. John is 18.

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  • To make someone feel
  • To make someone feel like______
  • Crybaby
  • To be upset
  • To feel hurt
  • To feel understood
  • To feel accepted









John is 18.

He has dated the same girl for 2 years.

Today she has told him she no longer loves him and wants to break up.

He is upset and cries in his room.

His father sees that and tells him:

“Boys don’t cry, so stop it! Girls don’t want cry-babies!”

How do you think his father’s words make John feel?Do you agree with his father?


Hiroshi wants to be a nurse.

He is very smart and has passed his university entry exams.

The boys in his class bully him and call him a girl.

The teacher hears that and after class he talks to Hiroshi.

She tells Hiroshi:

“You need to be more manly (男らしい). The boys wouldn’t bully you if you wanted to be a police officer or a fire fighter. “

How do you think Hiroshi feels? Do you agree with the teacher's advice? Why or why not?


Andy is an English teacher.

She is a very good at her job.

She gets along well with both the teachers and the students.

At an enkai, she tells one of the teachers that she has a girlfriend in her home country.

The principal hears and tries to fire her because she thinks being gay makes her a bad influence on the children.How do you think that makes her feel? Do you think the principal is right or wrong? Why or why not?


Jenna Talackova

  • Entered Miss Universe.
  • She was disqualified. Why?
  • She was born a man.
  • She has always thought of herself as a woman.
  • She had surgery to become a woman 4 years ago.
  • Stereotypes are generalizationsabout a group of people.
  • They can be very negative.
  • They can hurt people.

All people are people, so we should respect and accept each other, just as we are.