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Film Studies: Memorable Character Analysis PowerPoint Presentation
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Film Studies: Memorable Character Analysis

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Film Studies: Memorable Character Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Film Studies: Memorable Character Analysis. Jeff Spicoli. Synopsis of movie. Briefly summarize what the movie is about. Check out and rephrase their synopsis in YOUR OWN WORDS!

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Film Studies: Memorable Character Analysis

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synopsis of movie
Synopsis of movie
  • Briefly summarize what the movie is about. Check out and rephrase their synopsis in YOUR OWN WORDS!
  • Give credit where credit is due. Please cite your sources if you “cut and paste”, although I strongly recommend you don’t.

Example: The film is based on the senior year experiences of a group of teenagers in Southern California. Stacy Hamilton and Mark Ratner are looking for a love interest, and are helped along by their older classmates, Linda Barrett and Mike Damone, respectively. The center of the film is held by Jeff Spicoli, a perpetually stoned surfer dude who faces off with the resolute Mr. Hand, who is convinced that everyone is on dope. (

goal and opposition
Goal and Opposition
  • What does your character want to achieve?
  • What will he or she do to achieve that goal?
  • What are the oppositions? What are the outward forces? Internal conflicts?
  • Give a human face or human qualities to the opposition.
  • What is blocking your character? Who is the antagonist?
  • What makes your character chase his or her goal? What makes him/her do what he/she does?
  • What drives your character?
  • Does the audience sympathize with the character’s motivation?
  • Is the motivation personal? Can the audience identify with it? Explain.
  • So, what’s this character’s deal? What is he/she all about?
  • What’s the story behind his/her motivation?
  • What details of this character’s story are necessary to understand?
the will to act
The Will to Act
  • How does your character react to crisis? Be specific. Whatcrisisesarise in the film?
  • What does he or she do in the face of opposition?
point of view and attitudes
Point of View and Attitudes
  • What is the character’s belief system? Does he/she have a religious, philosophical, artistic, point of view (POV)?
  • How was he/ she raised that has lead him/her to believe this way? What are his/her past experiences that have led him/her to believe this way?
  • Give examples!
room to grow
Room to Grow
  • Is there growth or transformation in your character’s role? Does he/she change throughout the movie?
  • Where do we (the audience) see change occur? What triggers it?
  • Give examples/ signs of transformation in the character.
  • What are the quirks, idiosyncrasies, tics that make your character different from any other?
  • Be specific!
strong supporting cast
Strong Supporting Cast
  • Who are the secondary characters?
  • Who is the antagonist? The opponent ally and the ally opponent?
  • Give characterization for each and explain why their roles are important in relation to the memorable character.
  • In a few convincing sentences, reflect on why this character should be considered a memorable character of all time.
your evaluation should include
Your evaluation should include:
  • Full participation from the team members
  • All information and content requisites
  • Still photos from the movie (at least 4 pertaining to your slides)
  • Thorough and specific analysis of why this is a memorable character.