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CLUB SURVEY 2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. CLUB SURVEY2005

  2. Introduction • New Executive wanted to survey Club members to find out where they saw the Club going • To be part of first Assembly of the year, to help set goals • 30 out of 36 members responded (83%) • Presentation includes both graphs and some comments

  3. Additional Information • Scott also collected names of people interested in working and leading projects, and those who are interested in being on the Executive • Names will be given to Executive for consideration

  4. Executive Summary • Split in Club’s feelings toward number of weekends and social events to have during the year, 2 distinct groups • 2:1 ratio in favour of having cooking events, but this is not consistent with the way the rest of survey is completed, those willing to help

  5. Comments: results show clear intention of Club, one speaker a month

  6. Comments: fairly consistent with the planned number for the year

  7. Comments: shows a split in Club thoughts, two groups one wanting 3-4 and the other 6+, may have to do with “definition” of social

  8. Comments: similar split in Club’s thoughts, later comes up with feeling on specific events and cooking

  9. Comments: much stronger feelings towards District Conference, should explore why (dates, type of event, knowledge of event). See comments next page

  10. Comments on Attendance • Most common reasons given for not going: • Job and time commitments (8), Family (2) Long weekend or starting on a Thur or Fri (2) • Most people didn’t provide reasons • Most that said yes to one said yes to the other

  11. Comments: A bit surprising to me, but clearly 2:1 in favour, surprisingly most of those who said yes, also said wanted in the range of 3-4 weekend events, quite a few who said yes were not too supportive of those events as asked in following questions

  12. Comment: fairly clear consensus that Club doing about the right amount of activities, no “evidence” of burn out

  13. Comments: clearly Club says wants increased involvement, and prior question says thinks doing right amount

  14. Suggested changes to regular meetings • Promptness, start on time, end on time • More emphasis on RI projects • More content (speakers) • One meeting as business meeting with report from Executive and financial information • Emphasis on importance of visiting other Clubs • More member interaction • Toast to Rotary or other formal way of ending

  15. Suggestions on Assemblies • Discussions on Club projects • Long-term goals • What is happening with the Club • Keep personal squabbles out • Discuss financial affairs, balance sheets and budgets • Concerns of members • Education • New membership criteria • Publish results to website • Club image problem

  16. Events the Club Really Supports • Sweethearts Ball and Kids Christmas Party (1st) • Second group is • Club Christmas Party • Sock Hop • Thunder Run • Trails • Third group • Pro Truck Rodeo

  17. Events Club clearly wants to eliminate • Motor-X BBQ • Mega Lottery • Fairly negative towards RotoDrive

  18. Issues #1: • Not everyone that said they supported the even was willing to help, but biggest area of concern was those willing to take a leadership role, especially for Sweethearts, Kids party and Pro Truck

  19. Issues #2: • The Club split on how many weekend events to hold per year (half were in the 3-4 range, other half in 6+ range) • Will “use up” 3 weekends with: • Kids Christmas • Thunder Run • Pro Truck • Before counting in the Walking Trails and set up time for some of the evening events

  20. Issues #2 cont’d: • Therefore before we even move into the next set of projects, half the Club is at their “maximum” • Will have to be very selective about what other

  21. Issues #3: • Discrepancy between Club as a whole mostly wanting cooking events, and their desire to continue with them or to volunteer for them • Will need to refine the information to ask what people mean by cooking events, as well as find out who wants to do them

  22. Issues #4: • Didn’t survey Club members about doing Security functions

  23. Other events to get involved in • City of FSJ Christmas parade cooking, involved with parades • Project with Noon Club • Big flagship project, long-term • (don’t take on more) • RotarAct/InterAct • Change food we sell • Plant and harvest food for food bank • International projects • Fundraiser – “Look Out” • Bush golf – beach volleyball • Smaller hands-on,

  24. Changes to current events • Solid commitment from members before agreeing to events • Club Christmas party catered • Children Christmas capped at 75 • Streamlined • Retain more money for Rotary, ensure profitable • No short notice events • Better organization, have tasks for volunteers • Ensure events are fun • Provide regular information

  25. Who should we raise money for • Groups that are well run, with a plan, specific use of funds, and groups that are involved with event • Women's’ Resource Centre, Hospital Foundation • Balanced with international projects, RI • Or only local • Pull back from fundraising for other groups • Concentrate effort

  26. What international projects • Leprosy • Water • Literacy • Kids • Infrastructure/training • Anti-desertification • (questions about how much we already give) • (some thoughts to not being involved)

  27. General comments • Comments about personal time commitment problems/issues • Need more info on Rotary and RI • Need better attendance at District functions • More information on financial of the Club • Sharing minutes of exec meetings • Break events down to get more involved • Short and long-term plans • More family events (social) • Membership drive • Scholarships

  28. Issue #5: • No consensus reached on who to raise funds for or who to give funds to • Internationally, not a lot of comments by people

  29. Thank You