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France. By:Courtney Davister. Basic Information. FLAG. LOCATION: Europe. GOVERNMENT. Type of Government :Republic Description : President-elected by people. Prime minister-selected by presidents. Prime minister-runs the daily government. Legislator-has two houses. 26 regions.

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Basic information
Basic Information




Type of Government:Republic


  • President-elected by people.

  • Prime minister-selected by presidents.

  • Prime minister-runs the daily government.

  • Legislator-has two houses.

  • 26 regions.

  • President-Nicolas Sarkozy

  • Prime minister-FancoisFillon


France is the second largest country in Europe. Hills are a part of the country. The Rhine River borders with Germany . In France there are forested areas. In France there are farmland and plains. Mountains in France border with Spain, Italy and Switzerland. One of the names of the mountains is Pyrenees Mountains.


In France the climate is not too cold and not too hot. In the south of France in winter it is hot. The average temperature is 52˚ to 53˚. In the west the mountains have more snow and more rain. The climate is varied widely among the various regions.

Famous landmarks

Name of Landmark: Eiffel Tower

Located in: Paris

Special Facts: 984 feet tall and built in 1889

Name of Landmark: Arc de Triomphe

Located in: Paris

Special Facts: Famous Arc

Common foods
Common foods

Food in France is important for people that live in France. People eat 5 or 6 courses of food during a meal. Courses can include French onion soup, green salad, beef, and potatoes. Pates are chopped , spiced meat that people love. Crepes are a thin pancake

filled with meat , vegetables or fruit. Quiche Lorraine is eggs, cream, and bacon baked in a pastry shell. People drink wine at lunch , and dinner. Croissants are a crescent shaped bread. For dessert they live a chocolate mousse, fresh fruit and cheese.

Sports hobbies

People in France enjoy many games and sports. Petanque or boules is an out door game. People enjoy playing petanque. You roll small metal balls You need to hit another ball.

Tour de France is a bicycle marathon that crosses the country. They do it in the summer for professional bicyclists.

Soccer is a team sport and it is the most popular sport. Skiing, boating, tennis ,and hiking are4 popular activities in France.

Famous people

There are interesting people in history in France. Jon of Arc was leading the French hero and she was the farmer’s daughter.

Napoleon Bonaparte was the popular leader. He was a emperor and tried to take over Europe.

Coco Chanel is a fashion designer and she opened a hat shop. She made demure woolen suits.


Important contributions

  • pains au chocolate (chocolate pastry)

  • Tour de France- 22 days bicycle race

  • Louis Pasteur- scientist who pasteurize milk

  • Claude Monet – famous painter

  • Baguettes(loafs of bread)

Other interesting facts

  • More pets than children

  • Businesses close in August because people take vacations

  • National bird-Gallic rooster

  • Not polite to put your hands in your lap when eating

  • Most people are Catholic

  • Schools are on Saturday mornings but no school on Wednesdays

  • Woman's – not to vote until 1944

  • Cave paintings –Lascaux that are believed to be more than 15,000 years old

  • Eiffel Tower-team of 25 painters, 60 tons of paint

  • WW1 1.5 million French people had been killed

  • France and Germany were fighting in World War1 and 2