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The Value of an MIT Executive MBA PowerPoint Presentation
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The Value of an MIT Executive MBA

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The Value of an MIT Executive MBA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Value of an MIT Executive MBA. Submitted by a Candidate to the MIT EMBA Class of 2014. Current State. OUR Company Growing rapidly - $1B goal Active acquisition strategy International success (25% YoY annual growth) Industry specialization pressures products and services

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The Value of an MIT Executive MBA

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    1. The Value of an MIT Executive MBA Submitted by a Candidate to the MIT EMBA Class of 2014

    2. Current State • OUR Company • Growing rapidly - $1B goal • Active acquisition strategy • International success (25% YoY annual growth) • Industry specialization pressures products and services • H&F deadline looming – focus on valuation • Personal • Current role is good fit – using quant skills to sell • FY 2012 attainment 135%, through 3 quarters • Broad functional experience • Admitted to MIT EMBA program, class of 2014 • Selectivity 110 candidates accepted from pool of 1,600

    3. Challenge • Cost of Program • $141K over 3 fiscal years • Current OUR Company tuition reimbursement program • $4K per year • $10K from Line Department budget per year • Request for corporate sponsorship

    4. Proposal: OUR Company SponsorshipIn Exchange For: • Program Benefits • Enrollment in program will actively improve ability to do current job • Organizational Lab – consulting engagement for OUR Company • Global Organizational Lab - engagement with OUR Company customer • CEO speaking engagement – executive networking • Partnership opportunity – thought leadership • Program Output • Formally trained General Manager • Commitment of 2 years after graduation • Seed of future OUR Company leadership development program

    5. Appendix

    6. Organizational Lab :: O-Lab • Details • Each student conducts a consulting engagement with his/her own company • Opportunity to use the coursework so far – particularly System Dynamics and Operations Management – to improve a process in the student’s own organization • Project spans an entire semester • Benefits • Built-in consulting engagement for OUR Company • Focus on change management • Resources of Sloan School available to team

    7. Global Organizational Lab :: GO-Lab • Details • RFPs sent to candidate inter- or multi-national companies • Students work as part of a small EMBA-only team with an international company to help them solve a global integration issue. This includes one week at multiple company sites worldwide for field research and immersion in the company’s challenges. • Benefits • OUR Company could nominate customers to host GO-Lab projects • A way to provide additional value to strategic, global accounts • Provide guidance on a topic we would not have been able to before, e.g. international growth strategy • Could parlay in to PR opportunity

    8. CEO Speakers • Details • Executives of student companies are invited to speak to a class • Benefits • XYZ Company is perfectly suited for this • Great story to tell • Evolution over years, technology, regional star • Interesting audience • Executive networking • C-level Market awareness / lead generation • All industries represented in cohort

    9. Partnership • Details • World-class university • Perennial Globe Top 50 Company • Benefits • Two Boston-area stars joining forces • Thought-leadership • Big Data • Marshall Fisher and Zeynap Ton in Retail

    10. MIT: A World Class Institution • Economic Power • MIT has launched over 25,000 new firms, who created 3.3 million jobs and currently produce $2 trillion in annual revenues. This translates into a revenue engine equivalent to the 11th largest nation, between Brazil and Russia. • Research • MIT is the leading research university in the USA, and routinely leads all universities in patents granted. • Each year more than $800 million in sponsored research is conducted at MIT.

    11. Cohort Demographics – Program Peers Every Industry High-Level Geographic

    12. Corporate Sponsorship – Benefits Corporates sponsors who send high-potential mid-career executives begin to realize benefits immediately BECAUSE the student is working and attending MIT EMBA classes. You will benefit through: ▪ Access to MIT’s cutting-edge expertise and research in global leadership, innovation and strategic development several years before it becomes mainstream ▪ The networking and cross-industry cohort learning that is a key element of the EMBA ▪ Increased efficiency and productivity as the student brings and applies new learning and broader perspective back on the job ▪ Accelerated development for high potential employees ▪ Building executive bench strength and organizational commitment

    13. Corporate Sponsorship – Candidates Invest in your Stars and High Potentials who: • Are taking on increasing amounts of responsibility • Need to develop new knowledge and tools • Will benefit from broadening their perspective to include Corporate Strategy and/or Operations • You want to retain and grow • Are too valuable to leave for a full-time program

    14. Tuition Schedule: Class of 2014

    15. OUR Company Tuition Reimbursement • Actual Program Participation – Past 5 Years