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人教版新目标初中英语 8 年级同步辅导(上)

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人教版新目标初中英语 8 年级同步辅导(上) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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生动. 易学. 详细. 人教版新目标初中英语 8 年级同步辅导(上). 育英科技 王衡英语. unit 3 : I am more outgoing than my sister. 词 汇. Win 1 、 vt 赢得比赛、获得 That horse is a cinch to  win  the next race. 那匹马在下一场比赛中肯定赢。 He is expected to  win  the game with ease. 预计他在比赛中会轻易获胜。

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育英科技 王衡英语



  • 1、vt 赢得比赛、获得
  • That horse is a cinch to win the next race.那匹马在下一场比赛中肯定赢。
  • He is expected to win the game with ease.预计他在比赛中会轻易获胜。
  • She sat for scholarship but failed to win it.她参加奖学金考试但未能获得。
  • 2、vi win against/with sb 战胜某人
  • We will win against his team.我们将打败他的队。
  • It will be impossible for me to win against him.我不可能战胜他
  • 区别:beat—win
  • Beat 做vt, 意思是打败; win做vi, 意思是战胜
  • 记忆:A beat B, so A win

二 . though

    • as though属固定搭配,这里though不能替换成although。
    • 尽管他80多岁了,但似乎还很健康。
    • 误 Though he is over eighty, but he seems still healthy.
    • 正 Though he is over eighty, he seems still healthy.
    • 正 He is over eighty, but he seems still healthy.
    • 析 汉语“虽然…但是…”在英语中不能用though...but...来表示, though和but不可同时使用。
  • 1动:在乎,在意 care about
  • 例 I don’t care about it.
  • 2名:
  • “take care!”= look out!=be careful当心!
  • 例 “take care! It is dangerous!”
  • Take care of= look after 照顾
  • 例 she took care of her mother in the hospital
  • 3careful
  • 形容词意思
  • 1 be careful担心
  • 2.细心—careless 反义词粗心
  • 3.carefully 小心翼翼地 例:The thief walked carefully.
1She is so __ that she hardly makes mistakes.
  • Care/ careful/ carefully/ care for
  • 2She is always such __ girl that she makes mistakes to very easy questions.
  • Careless a/ carful a/ a careful/ a careless
  • 3I never ___ money.
  • Care/ care about/ careful/ careless
  • 4She __ her baby so kind.
  • Took care/ looked out/ took care of/ looked out of

四、as long as…连词,只要,可用于主将从现

As long as you drive carefully, you will be very safe.如果你开车小心,你就会很安全。

As long as live, I will help you.只要我活着,我都会帮助你。

2、As soon as… 一…就…

I'll write you as soon as I get there.我一到那儿,就给你写信。

Let us start as soon as he comes.等他一来我们就动身。

3、as soon as possible 尽可能快的

We must improve our efficiency as soon as possible.我们必须尽快地提高工作效率。

I‘d like to see you as soon as possible.我想要尽快见你。



五、reach 到达 ,够到

  • 1、到达 vt
  • I reached the city at 6:00
  • 可以说: I arrive.
  • 不可以说: I reach
  • 2、够到
  • reach after (v.+prep.)
      • 追求; 试图获得
      • He never reaches after personal fame and gain.他从不追求个人名利
  • reach into (v.+prep.)伸进
      • I can't reach into the pipe, it's too narrow. 我的手伸不进那管子,它太细了。


To frighten the dog, he broke a twig from the tree.为了吓唬那只狗,他从树上折了一根小树枝。

What shocked the workers was that the boss had broken his promise.工人们感到震惊的是,老板竟然违背了诺言。

The spy had finally broken the code.那个间谍最终破译了密码。

One hates to break with an old friend.人都不喜欢跟老朋友绝交。






育英科技 王衡英语

My mother told me a good friend is like mirror. I’m quieter and more serious than most kids. That’s why I like reading books and studying harder in class. My best friend Yuan Li is quiet too, so we enjoy studying together. I’m shy so it is not easy for me to make friends. But I think friends are like books– you don’t need a lot of them as long as they are good.
  • It’s not necessary to be the same. My best friend Larry is quite different from me. He is taller and more outgoing than me. We both like sports, but he plays tennis better, so he always win. However, Larry often helps to bring out the best in me. So I’m getting better at tennis. Larry is much less hard-working, though. I always get better grades than he does, so maybe I should help him more.
I don’t’ really care if my friends are the same as me or different. My favorite saying is, “ A true friend reaches for you hand and touches your heart.” My best friend Carol is really kind and very funny. In fact, she’s funnier than anyone I know. I broke my arm last year but she made me laugh and feel better. We can talk about and share everything. I know she cares about me because she’s always there to listen.