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Most Viewed in 2010

  • Web-Based, Participant-Driven Studies Yield Novel Genetic Associations for Common Traits
  • U87MG Decoded: The Genomic Sequence of a Cytogenetically Aberrant Human Cancer Cell Line
  • A Mutation in the Myostatin Gene Increases Muscle Mass and Enhances Racing Performance in Heterozygote Dogs
  • The Characterization of Twenty Sequenced Human Genomes
  • Population Genomics of Parallel Adaptation in Threespine Stickleback using Sequenced RAD Tags

Source: Google Analytics (January 1—December 31, 2010)

In the News in 2010

  • Genome-Wide Association Study Reveals Multiple Loci Associated with Primary Tooth Development during Infancy

Covered online by The Telegraph, CBC News and Der Spiegel Online

  • The TALE Class Homeobox Gene Smed-prep Defines the Anterior Compartment for Head Regeneration

Covered online by BBC World Service, Wired and Discover Magazine

  • SNPs Associated with Cerebrospinal Fluid Phospho-Tau Levels Influence Rate of Decline in Alzheimer's Disease

Covered online by Business Week, Reuters and Yahoo News