Recent Progress of CCSA ’s Standardization Activities
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Recent Progress of CCSA ’s Standardization Activities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Recent Progress of CCSA ’s Standardization Activities. Gaofeng ZHU, Chairman of the Council of CCSA. Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15. Guidelines for Presentation. Current Activities Scope Extension ; Cooperation Strengthening ; Efficiency Increasing Service Providing

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Presentation Transcript

Recent Progress of CCSA ’s Standardization Activities

Gaofeng ZHU,

Chairman of the Council of CCSA

Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15

Guidelines for presentation
Guidelines for Presentation

  • Current Activities

    • Scope Extension;

    • Cooperation Strengthening;

    • Efficiency Increasing

    • Service Providing

  • Strategic Direction/Challenges/Next Steps/Actions

  • Supplemental Slides

Highlight of current activities scope extension 1 2
Highlight of Current Activities-Scope Extension (1/2)

  • Internet Standards

    • Domain name;

    • P2P;

    • Cloud Computing;

    • Anti - junk e-mail;

  • Convergence of Networks

    • In January, 2010, the State Council made decision to push the Convergence of telecommunications networks, cable television networks and Internet.

    • IPTV

    • Transport and Access Network

Highlight of current activities 5 9 scope extension 2 2
Highlight of Current Activities(5/9) - Scope Extension (2/2)

  • Ubiquitous Network (UN)

    Ubiquitous Network (UN) Technical Committee (TC10) was newly established.

    • 58 members and 9 observers

    • 4 Working Groups

  • 22 programs undertaken in TC10, such as:

    • Terminology;

    • Requirements;

    • General framework and technical requirements;

    • Security requirements;

    • ITS;

    • Medical service;

    • Green community;

    • Informatization system for coal industry.

Highlight of current activities cooperation strengthening 1 2
Highlight of Current Activities-Cooperation Strengthening (1/2)

  • Domestic Cooperation

    • Cooperation with CESA and SINOCON Industrial Standards Foundation to initiate “Cross-strait Information Industry Technical Standards Forum”;

    • Cooperation with China UnionPay on Mobile Payment standards;

    • Cooperation with Internet Society on Internet Standards;

    • Cooperation with China Disabled Persons’ Federation and China National Working Commission on Ageing on accessibility standards.

  • International Cooperation

    • Updated MoU with ETSI

    • Global Standards Collaboration (GSC)

    • The 10th CJK IT Standards Meeting

    • Establishment of seven International Standardization Working Groups (IWG) in relevant TCs to carry out studies on international standards and review contributions submitted to relevant ITU SGs.

Highlight of current activities cooperation strengthening 2 2
Highlight of Current Activities- Cooperation Strengthening (2/2)

  • Globalstandardization activities

    • Actively participating in ITU, GSC, 3GPP, 3GPP2activities

    • Thousands of contributions were submitted to ITU, 3GPP and 3GPP2 and other international and regional standards organizations in 2009.

Highlight of current activities efficiency increasing
Highlight of Current Activities-Efficiency Increasing

  • Reduction of standard development cycle

    • Standards development schedule should be strictly fulfilled;

    • The Working group that could not fulfill the schedule in time should give the reason for delay.

  • CCSA Technical Report

    • Forthe technologies which are not mature enough but is of market demand, CCSA develops and publishes Technical Report;

    • The Technical Report could be upgraded to Industry Standard or National Standard while being mature enough.

Highlight of current activities service providing
Highlight of Current Activities-Service Providing

  • To serve CCSA Members

    • Various Publications, such as Annual Report, CCSA Newsletter, Technologies and Standards etc.;

    • Seminars and Training Programs, such as TD-LTE, FTTx, IoT/Ubiquitous Network, etc.;

    • CCSA Science and Technology Award;

    • Investigation and visit.

  • To serve the Industry

    The standards developed by CCSA are widely adopted by the industry for:

    • Service providing

    • Network Construction;

    • Interoperability;

    • Equipment testing before used in the network.

Strategic direction challenges next steps actions
Strategic Direction/Challenges/Next Steps/Actions

  • To strengthen the study and development of standards for convergence of networks;

  • To accelerate the study and development of standards on Ubiquitous Network;

  • To develop more standards concerning the environment and climate change;

  • To absorb more IT companies and experts to jointly develop ICT standards;

  • To explore more effective operation mechanism to reduce the duplication of studies and to improve the efficiency;

  • To strengthen international exchange and cooperation;

  • To Prepare for the upcoming tenure-change election of the Management team.

Supplementary slides
Supplementary Slides

  • Industry information;

  • CCSA Standards statistics;

  • CCSA Science and Technology Award;

  • New Organizational Structure;

Industry information
Industry Information

  • In the fist half of year 2010, the telecom business revenue totaled 434.6 billion yuan, and increased by 5.9%.

  • Up to the end of June, 2010, Telephone subscribers in China kept increasing. The total number subscribers reached 1.11 billion with 49 million being the new ones:

    • 805 million mobile subscribers, 58 million increased.

    • 305 million fixed line subscribers, 8.8 million decreased.

  • Internet users reached 420 million, with a new addition of 36 million:

    • 214 million mobile subscribers, increased by 41.09%.

Ccsa standards statistics
CCSA Standards statistics

  • 393 standards were finished in 2009

    • 40 national standards (GB)

    • 287 industry standards (YDT/YDC)

    • 19 technical reports (YDB)

    • 47 Research Projects

  • 200 standards were finished in the first half year of 2010

    • 15 national standards (GB)

    • 137 industry standards (YDT/YDC)

    • 13 technical reports (YDB)

    • 35 Research Projects

Ccsa science and technology award
CCSA Science and Technology Award

  • CCSA Science and Technology Award

    In 2009, 20 projects were awarded, which had effectively stimulated the enthusiasm of the enterprises and researchers:

    • 3 projects were given the first class prize

      — Technical Requirements and Test Specifications for SDH-based MSTP;

      — Guide for Protection and Management of Telecom Network and Internet;

      — 2GHz TD-SCDMA HSDPA series standards

    • 8 projects were given the second class prize.

    • 9 projects were given the third class prize

New organizational structure
New Organizational Structure

General Assembly


Technical Management Committee


Advisory Committee

Technical Committees

TC1: IP and Multimedia

TC2: Mobile Internet Protocol

TC3: Network and Switching

General Office

TC4: Communication Power Supply & Station Operational Environment

Planning and Development Department

TC5: Wireless Communication

TC6: Transport and Access Network

Technology Department

TC7: Network management & Operation Support

TC8: Network and Information Security

Standardization-Promoting Department

TC9: Electromagnetic Environment & Protection

TC10: Ubiquitous Network (UN)

International Standardization Department

STG1: Home Network

STG2: Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization of Telecommunication Products

STG3: Emergency Communication

STG4: Telecommunication Infrastructure Construction