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Quaker Earthcare Witness Mini-grants 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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Quaker Earthcare Witness Mini-grants 2009

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Quaker Earthcare Witness Mini-grants 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quaker Earthcare Witness Mini-grants 2009

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Presentation Transcript

    1. Quaker Earthcare Witness Mini-grants 2009 Ruth Hamilton, QEW Mini-grants Clerk Chapel Hill Friends Meeting Piedmont Friends Fellowship

    2. QEW Mini-Grants Environmental matching grants for meetings and Quaker groups Meetings match the $250 grant from the budget or by fund-raising Everyone participating reported success with the project and appreciation to QEW

    3. Albuquerque (N.M.) Monthly Mtg. In April, 2009 restored habitat in Cebolla Canyon, N.M. Canyon area overgrazed and canyon walls were eroding BLM, Trout Unlimited, N.M. Wildness Alliance, and volunteers came together to build up the canyon with sand bags Project will restore the spring for wildlife. There are only 3 springs in this area of N.M.

    4. Volunteers at Cebolla Canyon

    5. Cebolla Spring

    6. York (Pa.) Monthly Meeting In 2008, York Friends Mtg. reached out to inner-city school children Science Ladies taught ecology in 4th-grade classrooms Brought in wildlife programs Led environmental field trips

    7. Owl visits York, Pa., classroom

    8. Classroom meets Skunk

    9. Intermountain Yearly Meeting Camp

    10. IMYM Quaker Summer Camp Started by a group of Young Friends in Intermountain Yearly Meeting (IMYM) Pilot program will start summer 2010. Young Adults are searching for a permanent site as they start campership fund for low-income families, including local Native Americans. Will have sustainable off-grid building & plork (play+work) garden experiences.

    11. Chapel Hill (N.C.) Friends Mtg. Community Garden &Composter Uses a raccoon-proof composter that works by allowing maximum aeration and exposure to the elements Layers of food and grass cuttings, soil and dried leaves are added. Method is developed by John Jeavons, a French biodynamic intensive mini-farming resource. Compost cooks, has no smell, and doesnt need turning.

    12. Chapel Hill Mtg. Composter

    13. Lead removal at Burlington,Vt., Mtg.

    14. What is Phytoremediation ? Is the use of plants which mitigate the environmental problem without the need to excavate the contaminant material and dispose of it elsewhere. At Burlington Mtg. soil at a childrens building had 2100 times the accepted lead level. Citrosa geraniums were planted near the building foundation to absorb the lead. In the fall, the leaves were removed and sent to the landfill. Plants are removed & stored for the winter. A new lead test is done. The geraniums will be replanted in the Spring.

    15. Susannah McCandless brought this project to Burlington Friends Meeting. She had worked on a lead-removal project in Worcester, Mass. as a student at Clark University.

    16. Smithfield, R.I., Meeting Cemetery Restoration Cemetery that had gone back to nature is now accessible. Built a meandering walkway and made a destination spot for meditation and appreciation of the natural world Friends graves from the 18th and 19th centuries, including a Revolutionary War drummer and a 19th century woman doctor.

    17. Weed Wrench for clearing the historic cemetery at Smithfield Meeting.

    20. Bloomington, Ind., Friends get Energy Star Refrigeration Frigidaire 18.2 cubic feet, 383 kWh estimated yearly electricity use

    21. Durham (N.C.) Friends Meeting installed a point of use hot water heater in an updated educational building.

    22. Decorah (Iowa) Mtg. installs storm windows

    23. Milwaukee (Wis.) Friends Meeting will restore Anita Koenen Land Preserve Milwaukee Friends Meeting worships in a Meetinghouse constructed on the Anita and Jacob Koenen Land Preserve Goal is to build a healthy woodlands ecosystem and a place for spiritual nurturance. Project will restore the 3.17-acre tract and rid the invasive plants by restoring the land to its indigenous flora and fauna.

    25. Scattergood Friends School Class

    26. Energy Class Scattergood (Iowa) Friends School juniors & seniors will have an energy conservation class March-May of 2010, led byenergy specialist David Abazs. At the end of April the class will head to northern Minnesota and canoe down the Mississippi River. The group expects to give presentations along the way to schools, churches and other interested groups. The canoe trip will culminate with a river rally in the southern part of Minnesota.

    27. Oak Park, Ill., Mtg. Creates Sustainable Native Garden in Forest Preserve This summer Oak Park planted a native wildflower garden in the Cook County Community Trailside Museum. Is a multigenerational collaboration with Downers Grove Friends Mtg. The garden is prepared for the winter, and Cook County is placing signs.

    30. Gwynedd, Pa., Meeting gets an Energy Star refrigerator. It will cost only $45 a year to operate.

    31. Richmond (Ind.) Friends School All 35 students at the school (grades K-6th) will be involved in a community effort of planting the garden, managing and caring for the garden, and harvesting. With the use of the tumbler composter and the worm bin, the whole school would participate in the daily recycling of their food scraps.

    32. How you can help: Contribute to the mini-grant fund with a fund-raiser or by adding a targeted amount to your QEW donation. For $20 monthly, you can sponsor the matching funds for a mini-grant. QEW funds now support 6 grants. Contributions of carbon offsets for trips and individual donations sponsor 4 more grants. Plan an environmental project for your Quaker meeting, church, or group. Application is at <>. Deadline: May 1, 2010.