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Holo. by Jimmy Wong and Seesia Thao Adam Polen. Product Feature. A cell phone that show images of the other line. Positioning. Teenagers and older people that like talking on the phone for usually friendly purposes People who are really tech

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by Jimmy Wong and Seesia Thao Adam Polen

Product feature
Product Feature

  • A cell phone that show images of the other line


  • Teenagers and older people that like talking on the phone for usually friendly purposes

  • People who are really tech

  • People with an income rate of at least 20 dollars per hours

  • Competitors are T-Mobile, Verizon, Cricket, etc.

  • Our product is on the high quality high price section because it isn’t cheap and you can see images of people on the other line why because no other can do that

Market research
Market Research

  • Well we basically used the surveys

  • We used Focused Group, Product Testing and Specialized Research company

Market research 2
Market Research 2

  • We found out that most prefer to talk to phone for least 30 mins to 1 hours and we also out that most people like fighting games, strategy, adventure, or all the above and most people prefer computer bands like hp most people also prefer the LG and other brands of cell phones and also most people don’t prefer not to spend on any cell phone most people get there cell phone at the mall


  • Well are is transparent easy to open and it protective and it small and environmentally safe and it weight small and it also child proof.

  • The packaging is a sturdy box inside the are plastic materials that hold the phone and it fit the phone exactly. It is easy to open all you got to do is open the top and pull it out inside you should find a piece of paper that has are contact information and are company name.


  • Information include in warning feature instruction what inside product name


  • 400-lowering after 2 month 200

  • Any where around 200

  • We will use skimming


  • For personal selling we are going to have are employee call to other people because it is a lot easier to meet them

  • For mass selling we advertisement because a lot of people can and could see them

  • For public we are going to try to get into the news papers because it free

  • Sale promotion we are going to do a contest with out are product because they might like the product and tell them about our product to their friend


  • We are focuses on mass because it isn’t expensive and is easy to to do. People from different place will see the product and may think it’s worth buying this get the company money and a reputation if people enjoy the phone

  • Personal selling because it is very slow and expensive trying to sell to one customer at a time wouldn’t be too effective many of the target market may not buy the phone this would be a waste of time and effort money would be made slow as well


  • Mass selling The add would look like cell phone feature

  • Personal Teenagers and older that like talking on the phone for usually purpose and tech people with an income rate at lease 20 dollars per hours because they need to be able to afford it and be into new things


  • Well sell it from multiple channel

  • We won’t be using any middlemen

  • We chose this method because we want people to mostly buy from us. Multiple channel mean more ways to get our product to customers. We’ll earn more money by not letting retailers or wholesalers sell our product. This means middleman aren't needed. We chose to let Amazon.COM

  • Well earn more money


  • You should buy our product because it is the kind of cell that let you see people on the other line and it well become popular u might want to get one