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TRAVEL MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS. experience higher business performance. higher business performance. Your State Team. Michael Fairchild, State of Louisiana Account Manager. Kathy Higginbotham, Operations Manager – Baton Rouge. Lisa Goins, Operations Manager – LSUHSC Shreveport.

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  1. TRAVELMANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS experience higher business performance higher business performance

  2. Your State Team Michael Fairchild, State of Louisiana Account Manager Kathy Higginbotham, Operations Manager – Baton Rouge Lisa Goins, Operations Manager – LSUHSC Shreveport Liz Gaiennie, National Account Manager Lou Poore, Vice President Operations

  3. Who we are Founded 1924 Headquartered in Hanover, Germany Over 80,000 employees $22B in revenue A top 30 DAX company World’s leading tourism and services group Founded 1979 Headquartered in Denver, Colorado Over 4,000 employees $4.7B in sales Publicly traded on NASDAQ 2nd largest TMC company in North America

  4. Unique Global Provider • World’s 3rd largest TMC • Multi-national capabilities • 2nd largest TMC in North America • Over $11 billion annual sales • Exceptional negotiating leverage and clout • 1,600+ locations in over 80 countries • Reservation Centers, on-sites, off-sites, Call Centers, Airport Offices, European Service Center • More than 13,000 employees • Dedicated to customer service

  5. Global Coverage

  6. Client-Partners

  7. Goals for the State of Louisiana • Implement a cost effective, user-friendly online booking tool accomplishing high adoption rate; • Consolidate and deliver a consistent best in class global travel program; • Identify opportunities for cost savings and controls; • Deliver a high level of customer satisfaction; • Research and incorporate best practices in travel services; • Maximize use of technology to improve the delivery of service; • Provide a communication platform with dynamic content for travel population.

  8. Service Delivery Customized for State of Louisiana • Regional Reservation Service Centers in Baton Rouge, Shreveport and New Orleans • Teams of agents thoroughly trained in State of Louisiana’s travel policy; • Dedicated International, Group, and Special Services desks; • State-of-the-art telecommunications and e-mail systems to link all three State Service Centers.

  9. Operations Overview • Service Goals • Returned calls/messages within 30 minutes; • Fees and how they will be applied • Fees are no longer refundable; • Full Service - $22 per ticket; • Agent-assisted - $17 per ticket; • Touchless (OBT) - $12 per ticket; • Down to $10 based on adoption rate • Groups – Ranging from $21 to $10 based upon the number of travelers; • No hotel/car only fees.

  10. Various Types of Fares • State Contract Fares • For Fiscal 2005-2006, the only airlines offering State contract fares are American and United; • Negotiated Fares • Currently, the only carrier in this category is Continental, but we are working with several other airlines at this time; • Published Fares • Standard fares – both refundable and non-refundable -- offered to the general public and available via our Sabre reservations system (GDS);

  11. Fare Types, continued... • Web/Internet Fares • Fares normally associated with the Internet and usually obtained from 3rd partywebsites, including airline-specific sites; • DCA3 Fares • Web/Internet fares that are contractually available to us via our GDS. With very few exceptions, the same fares as above. • To access those exceptions, our agents go directly to such sites as SWABIZ (Southwest), CompanyBlue (JetBlue), and A2B (AirTran).

  12. Non-Refundable Fares • Represent significant potential cost savings; • Rules of the Non-Refundable Ticket: • Must be purchased either immediately or within 24 hours of initial booking; • May require a minimum stay; • Airline charge to make changes will range from from $50.00 to $100.00; • If exchanged, any difference in the old fare and the new fare must be collected; • Non-Transferable (No name changes).

  13. Non-Refundable Fares, continued... • Tips on how to get the Best Fares: • Advance Purchase; • Be flexible with travel dates; • Try alternate airports.

  14. Itineraries Vs. Receipts • Itinerary Information Includes: • Restrictions and requirements; • Your detailed airline flight schedule; • Detailed rental car information; • Detailed hotel information.

  15. Sample Unrestricted Itinerary Remarks

  16. Sample Non-Refundable Itinerary Remarks

  17. Sample Air Itinerary Information

  18. Sample Rental Car Itinerary Information

  19. Sample Hotel Itinerary Information

  20. Receipts • Receipts • Shows Airline Ticket Information • Reservation Code • Ticket Number • Date of Issue • Invoice number • Total Airfare • Total Service Fee • Total for Airfare & Service Fee

  21. Sample Receipt Remarks

  22. Technology Cutting-edge technology to ensure HIGHERBUSINESSPERFORMANCE

  23. End to End Travel Management Best practice methodology & expertise to achieve maximum performance

  24. Travel Savings Solutions

  25. ReportFLYR™ Global Web-based management reporting system; AlertFLYR™ Exclusive digital dashboard technology; InvoiceFLYR™ Transactional search application; PolicyFLYR™ Travel policy reinforcement through e-mail and reporting; SecureFLYR™ Global traveler security and education; Online Booking Tools Customized web-based booking tool. Management Reporting Solutions

  26. InvoiceFlyr

  27. InvoiceFlyr

  28. InvoiceFlyr

  29. InvoiceFlyr

  30. InvoiceFlyr

  31. On-line Booking Solutions • Customized • Reduced costs • Experienced E-Commerce Team • On-going support • Communication • Training • Adoption Consultation and Maximization

  32. Focus and Commitment • Build on current travel program achievements • Continue to partner with State of Louisiana; • Validate current processes • Challenge status quo • Recommend improvements • Reduce travel program costs • Position State of Louisiana for the future • Set short and long-term program objectives; • Establish mutually defined goals; Produce Powerful Results!

  33. Continuing to build the foundation for a strong, lasting partnership

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