Qld affordable housing consortium ltd and the dna partnerships
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Qld Affordable Housing Consortium Ltd and the DNA Partnerships - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Qld Affordable Housing Consortium Ltd and the DNA Partnerships. CALL FOR 15,000 DWELLINGS. www.dnapartnerships.com.au www.qahc.asn.au. Call For 15,000 Dwellings. NRAS Round 3 is Open and the Consortium has already submitted over 3,000 dwellings

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Qld affordable housing consortium ltd and the dna partnerships l.jpg

Qld Affordable Housing Consortium Ltd and the DNA Partnerships




Call for 15 000 dwellings l.jpg
Call For 15,000 Dwellings

  • NRAS Round 3 is Open and the Consortium has already submitted over 3,000 dwellings

  • Our priority States are NSW, Victoria and South Australia [But we welcome proposals from across Australia]

  • The Consortium will lodge a minimum submission of 1,000 Dwellings per month, every month until September. We package small and medium sized sites as well as large sites to meet the minimum 1,000 dwellings per submission

  • All dwellings must be ready to let by June 2012

  • Call Mike on 0438 112 553 or Robin on 07 3844 9947

Examples of approved stock l.jpg
Examples Of Approved Stock

14 x 3 Bedroom Townhouses

  • 5 schools within 2 km, closest 300 m

  • Bus service located 300 m to property

  • 11 km from Brisbane CBD

Nras a supply side intervention l.jpg
NRAS – A Supply-Side intervention

  • Supply shortfall of 200,000 dwellings by 2013 [NHSC -2009]

  • NRAS is an industry policy response to drive supply of at least 50,000 new rental homes

  • Tax Free Incentives of $8,672 [indexed] per dwelling / per year for 10 years stimulates new investment

  • NRAS improves affordability for working families by providing a minimum 20% discount to market rents for the 10 year NRAS period. [25.1% in our Model]

Quality in design and production l.jpg
Quality in design and production

39 x 1-3 Bedroom Apartments

  • 6 schools within 2 km, closest 500 m

  • Train service located 1.1 km from property

  • 1.5 km from Caboolture CBD

Nras is a market product l.jpg


Market designs and type

Market built

Normal Market valuation

Privately owned

10 years in NRAS

Market based rent – discounted and indexed

Private rental tenants with improved tenant choice

Diversified portfolio and integrated delivery within mainstream developments and infill sites

NRAS is a market product

Traditional stock within a larger developments l.jpg
Traditional stock within a larger developments

28 x 4 Bedroom


  • 12 schools within 6 km, closest 2 km

  • Bus service located 3.3 km to property

  • 3.4 km from Caboolture CBD

Nras who are the tenants l.jpg
NRAS – Who are the tenants

1.5 million eligible households underpins strong demand

Key workers: Childcare workers, firefighters, nurses and hospital support workers, teachers, public transport workers, local council workers, community workers.

Many workers on award wages. Part time and casual workers

Over 55’s on low to moderate incomes

NRAS can assist economic outcomes eg hospitality and retail workers in tourist areas

Single Adult $41,514

2 Adults $57,391

Couple + I child $71,159

Single + 1 Child $57,432

Couple + 2 Children $84,927

Single + 2 Children $71,200

Couple + 3 Children $96,695

Households that are NRAS tenants can earn 25% more than these limits and

still retain eligibility, promoting neighbourhood stability and orderly re-letting

New growth corridors close to jobs l.jpg
New Growth Corridors close to jobs

31 x 4 Bedroom


  • 8 schools within 10 km, closest 2.3 km

  • Train service located 2.5 m walking distance

  • 29.4 km from Gold Coast CBD

What rents are considered affordable l.jpg
What rents are considered affordable

Under the Consortium Model Investors receive the full $8,672 per year tax free income and provide a 25% discount in rents under ATO Charitable requirements

By mapping rents and income levels, we can demonstrates the Scheme’s is clearly targeted to working families. Discounted rents are simply not affordable to those on social incomes.

These are some examples of market and affordable rents under NRAS

$35,000 Single person Income = $250 market rent is $187 discount rent

$45,000 Household Income = $300 market rent is $225 discount rent

$55,000 Income = $400 market rent is $300 discount rent

$75,000 Income = $530 market rent is $397 discount rent

$85,000 Income = $600 market rent is $450 discount rent

$95,000 Income = $685 market rent is $515 discount rent

Slide11 l.jpg
Universal Design Standards Apartments for retirees and also workers [particularly retail and hospitality]

Prospective Image

  • 241 Apartments in Total

  • 150 Available to NRAS

    • Studio

    • 1 Bedroom

    • 2 Bedroom

Google Map 20k

  • 1.8km from School

  • 0.1km from Transport

  • 0.1km from the water

How we facilitate your participation l.jpg
How we Facilitate Your Participation workers

  • We provide information about NRAS and affordable housing to assist your decision making

  • Assess your proposed development projects to see if they:-

    • Meet Government Requirements

    • Can attract a pool of eligible tenants

    • Provides good investment values and returns

  • Make a Submission to Government for the Project

  • Provide any special assistance required for packaging and delivering the project

  • Undertaking marketing and sales through our Institutional Strength Investment Platform

  • Take a 10 Year Headlease over the dwelling

  • Allocate and supervise property management for 10 years

  • Facilitate access to the Tax Incentives and net income streams

  • Regional centre s with good job prospects l.jpg
    Regional Centre’s with good job prospects workers

    6 x 3 Bedroom Townhouses

    9 x 3 & 4 Bedroom Houses

    • 8 schools within 15 km, closest 1.2 km

    • Train service located 1.4 km from property

    • 17 km from Gladstone CBD

    Stock selection type location and proportions l.jpg
    Stock Selection: Type, Location and Proportions workers

    Locations are characterised by

    Strong demand and rental stress

    Good existing infrastructure, transport, services and jobs [Capital

    Cities / Growth Corridors / strong regional cities]

    NRAS stock is market stock.

    It can be in master-planned communities, green-field or infill sites

    Typically around 15 – 25% in house and land integrated in master-planned or green-field sites

    50% in infill, or in some cases a full apartment block or townhouse development if integrated in the wider area

    Housing types reflects household, demographic and market

    supply factors:

    Around 50% target for 1 and 2 bed dwellings and around

    50% target for 3 and 4 bed dwellings

    Affordable housing where people want to live l.jpg
    Affordable housing where people want to live workers

    31 x 1 & 2 Bedroom Over 55’s Apartments

    • Services and recreation on site

    • Bus service located 125 m walking distance

    • 12 km from Maroochydore CBD

    Slide16 l.jpg

    DNA Partnerships workersAn institutional strength aggregation product platform for supporting a legislated Commonwealth initiative – The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS)

    Governed by

    DNA Mutual Ltd and administered by Integration Management and Communication Services Pty Ltd

    Slide17 l.jpg


    Sales to open market

    Unitised Trust

    Sales to open market



    Property sold to market


    Self Regulated



    Investment Committee


    NRX listing

    For sale

    Wholesale Distribution








    Satisfies Approval Criteria

    Set by Investment Committee







    Direct $400k

    Smaller dwellings to meet diverse needs right in the heart of the town l.jpg
    Smaller dwellings to meet diverse needs- right in the heart of the town

    36 x 2 Bedroom Apartments

    • 13 schools within 4 km, closest 500 m

    • Bus service located 700 m from property

    • 700 m from Caboolture CBD

    Managing the nras investment l.jpg
    Managing the NRAS investment of the town

    A fully managed investment

    Legislation, Regulation and Compliance

    Investment through financial instrument or real property

    Owners Pack with 10 year Headlease and Property Management Agreement

    Secure income stream[NRAS does not facilitate guaranteed income]

    Tailor-made Group Insurance based on risk profiling – provides cash-flow payment in certain circumstances

    ATO private ruling on the flow through of the Tax Incentive to Investors

    Performance based management with 2 weeks vacancy cover in any lease period

    Buying and selling

    Creating a strong diverse market of buyers and sellers

    Normal Bank repossession provisions

    Owner Right to sell out of NRAS

    Option to sell to another investor with NRAS intact

    Potential to provide ‘rent to buy’ option for NRAS tenants

    Getting the basics right

    Good locations and associated infrastructure & diverse portfolio

    Strong and diverse tenant pool & tenants financially incentivised

    Standardised performance based property and tenancy management, with a focus on creating strong, mixed income and stable neighbourhoods

    On transport corridors l.jpg
    On Transport Corridors of the town

    14 x 3 Bedroom Townhouses

    • 5 schools within 2 km, closest 500 m

    • Bus service located 280 m to property

    • 7 km from Brisbane CBD

    Frequently asked questions l.jpg
    Frequently Asked Questions of the town

    • Normal market valuations

    • Normal lending criteria on asset class

    • Bank powers & repossession rights as normal

    • LMI – Genworth will insure ‘Mom and Dad’ investors and take NRAS income into account

    • A National approach and institutional strength product design by way of the Head Lease & Secure Income Stream Delivery

    • Access to NRAS market through DNA aggregation

    • Owners can enter and leave the Scheme as a ‘market’

    • ATO has a clear position on QAHC Model and investor Tax-Free entitlements

    Flinders st melbourne l.jpg
    Flinders St of the townMelbourne

    Prospective Image

    • 263 Apartments in Total

    • 70 Available to NRAS

      • 1 Bedroom

      • 2 Bedroom

    Google Map 20k

    • 1.1km from School

    • 0.3km from Transport

    • 1.1km from Flagstaff Gardens

    Current status l.jpg
    Current Status of the town

    • 911 Approvals in 2009

    • 3,082 dwellings already submitted in 2010.

    • 15,000 dwellings across Australia to go through our assessment process [ January to August 2010]

    • 3 sites sold and tenanted

    • 300+ dwellings now under contracts for sale

    • Bank retail investment funding expected $3BN.

    • Institution investment expected $3 BN

    • Pilot large scale ownership program with financial institutions

    • Financial products to deliver liquidity- PDS

    What are the consortiums costs and who pays l.jpg
    What are the Consortiums costs and who pays of the town

    Developers / Builders

    • To prepare and lodge your project to the Government is $125+gst per dwelling payable to QAHC upon agreement

    • Once NRAS approved, you provide progress reports and an Environmental Report using our checklist

    • You will need to hand over dwellings in a ‘Ready To Let’ State – you can use our checklist


    • Purchase fees & Legal Fees including Registration of the HeadLease on Title

    • The Required Group Insurance

    • Normal Owner Costs

    • 10% Property Management Fee

    • $12+gst Compliance Fee per dwelling per week

    Popular town houses l.jpg
    Popular Town Houses of the town

    22 x 3 Bedroom Townhouses

    • 6 schools within 2 km, closest 600 m

    • Bus service located 800 m to property

    • 18 km from Brisbane CBD

    Applying for nras l.jpg
    Applying For NRAS of the town

    • Whatever your proposed portfolio for NRAS it will need to be part of a minimum 1,000 dwellings-. We package up smaller projects to meet the 1000 minimum threshold

    • Review NRAS Documentation at www.qahc.asn.au and complete the Round 3 EOI on our website

    • Decide your sales or holding strategy including any agreement to access DNA national NRAS distribution platform

    • Review Stock Profile checklist and identify the numbers and locations and types you are offering. [Must have D.A or close to D.A decision to submit to NRAS]

    • QAHC reviews your Expression of Interest and negotiates a mutually agreeable number and type

    • QAHC issues Submission Checklist and invoices lodgement fee

    • QAHC Submissions will be made monthly and Government turn around times expected to be 8-10 weeks

    • If NRAS Approved, sign the Heads of Agreement to provide contractual certainty to deliver