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Whiter .Brighter .You . PowerPoint Presentation
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Whiter .Brighter .You .

Whiter .Brighter .You .

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Whiter .Brighter .You .

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  1. Whiter .Brighter .You.

  2. tooth whitening

  3. Tooth whitening is a common procedure in cosmetic dentistry. Whitening restores natural tooth colour. One of the most popular tooth whitening method it is home bleaching tray system. Professional at-home tooth whitening requires custom-made trays, and a whitening gel witch you can only purchase through your dentist. The best time to start using a whitening tray is after a professional cleaning.

  4. Our hygienists will make sure your teeth are stain, plaque and tarter free so you are able to achieve the best possible results with your tooth whitening

  5. Our dentists always recommend a thorough dental hygiene scale & polish before Teeth Whitening

  6. It is so easy to use !!! Syringe bleaching gel into the tray. Use just enough to make sure all the front surfaces of the teeth are covered. Wipe off any excess bleach from the gums with a tissue. Wear the bleaching trays during the day or overnight. Remove trays and brush away any excess of the sticky bleaching gel. Gently clean the bleaching tray with cold water and a toothbrush. You just use the kit once a day for up to 14 days.

  7. What's So Great about Home Tooth Whitening Systems? First, getting your teeth white and bright with home teeth whitening systems is easy and can fit into even the most hectic lifestyle. Once you have the product, you never have to leave the house and can get brighter, whiter teeth while doing regular activities such as doing laundry, checking email, or walking the dog. Home bleaching methods are extremely effective and are an excellent, cost-effective way for a person to achieve the goal of whiter teeth.

  8. Tooth whitening tray system is manufactured by our technicians and thanks to the on-site dental laboratory, can be ready for placement within one hour.

  9. Our tooth whitening tray system comes in a luxury high quality case . • Contents include : • Upper and lower whitening custom fitted trays • 4 x10ml 10% or 16% Carbamide Peroxide Gel • Instruction booklet • Small case for trays

  10. 118 Queen’ Drive Dental Practice G42 8BJ Glasgow 0141 423 5161 E: