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Wedding Photographer: Amateur vs. Professional PowerPoint Presentation
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Wedding Photographer: Amateur vs. Professional

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Wedding Photographer: Amateur vs. Professional - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Your big day has arrived! Now to start the planning process. There are tons of decisions to make, and stress levels begin to rise. \n\nVisit:

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wedding photographer amateur vs professional

Wedding Photographer: Amateur vs. Professional

Your big day has arrived! Now to start the planning process. There are tons of decisions to make, and

stress levels begin to rise. The wedding photographer is just one item on your list, but it can be a crucial

decision. The photographer is the one who will capture those special moments of the most significant day

of your life. As you begin your research, you may see the words amateur and professional. What does this

mean and which one should you choose?

Wedding photographers who classify themselves as amateurs may have “real” talent. Their pictures may

speak those thousand words. What makes them an amateur is most likely the way they run their business.

Photography can be a job or a hobby. For the beginner, photography is most likely a hobby. Photos are

taken for fun, and they have photographed a birthday party, families, or even a wedding or two. Amateur

photographers may run a business to make extra money but are not as serious as the professional. An

advantage to an amateur is the cost would be lower. For small budget weddings, this could be the way to

go. While they may have admirable talent, lower prices, or a schedule that works for you, one may have

to take a close look at their work before deciding to hire.

Wedding photographers who market themselves as professionals are usually ones who are making their

livelihood through this art form. This is their business. Time continues to be put into marketing, updating

websites, building portfolios, and proving they have what it takes. Professional photographers have had

more experience in the field and have a studio. The prices asked for services are higher due to the

confidence a professional has in their work and years of experience. Schedules of these professional

photographers are usually full. If you want to book them, you should do that early. Even though these

wedding photographers call themselves professional, a client will need to take the time to investigate, just

as he/she would an amateur.

Wedding Photographers, whether amateur or professional, are a luxury. A luxury is different than a

necessity in that a luxury is not needed. Amateur wedding photographers could be the answer to your

dreams for reasons such as the ability to schedule and price. The amateur could be your best friend or a

family member, and you are helping them on their way to professionalism. If you see the luxury of a

wedding photographer as an absolute for your wedding then you, by all means, head to the professional's

door. Both amateur and professional wedding photographers have pros and cons. They both may have

talent. You choose what is best for you!

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