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the structure of a concierge medical practice n.
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The Structure of a Concierge Medical Practice PowerPoint Presentation
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The Structure of a Concierge Medical Practice

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The Structure of a Concierge Medical Practice
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The Structure of a Concierge Medical Practice

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  1. The Structure of a Concierge Medical Practice The Concierge physician may be an independent practitioner or belong to a concierge practice. If he belongs to a group practice it will then tremendous benefits to patients. Not only does one physician normally specialize in a certain type of medicine, or has more of a leaning towards a particular illness or disease, you will find that a group of doctors all with experience in their own way, provide a far better offering to a patient belonging to that concierge practice. Concierge physicians also are able to dispense their own drugs and often a group practice does just this. A random one-year survey of the findings related to the concierge medicine marketplace in the US was performed. This summary of the survey of concierge medicine revealed that at the end of 2017, 30% of all new patients enrolled in Concierge medicine, the most so far. Also, in the U.S., concierge physicians operating practices were dispensing physicians able to dispense their own medicine. The next most popular medical specialty in concierge medicine was a family physician practice. This study also revealed that the number of concierge physicians, dentists and pediatric practices increased markedly since February this year. Between 5000 and 20000 physicians were practicing concierge medicine. The gap is large as there are no Federal Statistics recording concierge physicians and therefore it is difficult to estimate the exact number presently. Concierge doctors started out as normal practicing physicians and later changed their practices. The subject of missed appointments meant little, as a poll of concierge doctors revealed that they have such a good relationship with their patients, that there were no missed appointments to speak of. If a patient requires an urgent appointment with a physician there is a good chance he might have to wait three/four weeks or more unless there is an emergency, in which case a hospital visit may be needed. However, a concierge physician will respond almost immediately and have been knownto visit patients over a weekend. Private doctors do not operate onweekends or on public holidays, however, if you have paid for your concierge doctor to be on call twenty-four hours out of twenty-four, you will get this sort of service.

  2. Latest statisticshave shown that more and more people have switch to the concierge doctor option. The concierge doctor spends far more time getting to know his patients than a normal doctor, who is generally rushed, due to the number of patients he must see in a day. The number of patients seen is directly related to the practice’s operating costs. The concierge doctor however, has a limited number of patients and a firm fixed retainer for the year. (It may be paid quarterly). However, patients have declared the benefits of these health providers is far greater than that of a general practitioner visit. Articles practice/ Source :