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The Do’s and Don’ts of AC Repair PowerPoint Presentation
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The Do’s and Don’ts of AC Repair

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The Do’s and Don’ts of AC Repair - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why is the AC not working? Why is the AC not producing cold air? Why is it not turning on? Where is the growling sound coming from?\n\nVisit:

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TheDo’sand Don’ts ofAC Repair

WhyistheACnotworking?WhyistheACnotproducingcoldair?Whyisitnotturningon? Whereis thegrowlingsoundcomingfrom?AndalotofotherwhyandwhereofAC repair.Any changes as tohowyourAC operates shouldmakeyouworry,as smallissues canturnhugeifnot attendedtoothesoonesttimepossible.

TheDo’s andDon’ts ofACRepair

Doaskforprofessional serviceimmediately

IfyouobservesomethingunusualasforhowyourAC operates,makesuretocallaprofessional rightway.Donotwaitfortheissuetogetmorecomplicatedbeforeyouactas thatwilljustmake theissueworse.SomeAC repairscanbefixedwithoutreplacingparts butiftimelapses,theeasy fixmayneedcomplicatedrepairorworsemaynotbe repairableatall.

DonotattempttoworkoncomplicatedAC repairs

Cleaning the air duct, repairing the motor, adjusting refrigerant level, fixing leaks and professionals should onlyperformother complicated ACrepair. Trying to repair anyofthese complicatedtasks mayresultinfurtherdamageandcouldbedangerous tooperate.

DIYcanworkonlytosomeextent,andyouwouldneverwanttotaketheriskofrepairingyour ACbyyourself as therecouldberisksinvolvedoingso.

DonothireAC repairspecialistimmediately

ItisyourresponsibilitytolookforaprofessionalACrepairspecialistfarbeforeyouneedtheir service.Youshouldnotwaitfortheimmediateneedtocomebeforeyoulookforoneasmostof the time, rushing will lead you to wrong decisions. As early now, check on professional’s backgroundandcheckwhoamongstthemis highlyreliabletocallincaseyouneedtheirservice.

DonotuseAC untilaprofessional serviceproviderarrives

Turnoffyourunitimmediatelyafteryouobservechangesasforhowitoperates.ForcingtheAC motormayleadtofurtherdamages.TurnitoffandneveruseituntilanACrepairspecialisttold youtodoso.


Beforeyoucallsomeoneelseto workonACrepair,check yourwarrantycard first.Most AC units,especiallybrand-newones,arecoveredunderwarranty.Checkyourwarrantycardandsee whether the date and issue are included. Having someone else not authorized by the manufacturertorepairtheAC willcompletelyvoidthewarranty.


AC canbeveryexpensive,soAC repairismore recommendedthanbuyinganewunit.Although therearesomecasesthatairconunitiswaybeyondrepairable,likeairconistoooldalreadyor itis damagedaslongasyouaremaintainingandrepairingitright,youcanmaximizeitslifespan.

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