choosing the right wedding photographer choosing n.
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Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

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Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Choosing a wedding photographer is a major decision. It’s imperative that the trusted artist be not only competent but professional.\n\nVisit:

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choosing the right wedding photographer choosing

Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is a major decision. It’s imperative that the trusted artist be

not only competent but professional. Photos of a wedding are meant to be cherished for a

lifetime. That big day alone is a one-time-only photo opportunity and is also one of the most

expensive investments in a wedding. Consequentially, it's important to get the best value for the

money. Making a wise choice of photographer makes any wedding less stressful.

Here are some things to look for in a photographer that will make that special day even

more magical:

First and foremost, are they likable? Personality is broad and varied but a wedding day is

not the time to find out that the bride and groom’s personalities clashes with the photographer’s.

The wedding photos are fun, but after a long and stressful day, they can be tedious. Conflicts

with a photographer that will drain any enjoyment from the process and just add to the post-

wedding exhaustion.

Next, it is essential that the wedding photographer and couple have similar tastes. Does

the couple like a more artistic approach? Maybe they want a more true-to-life style of


Considering the photographer’s experience is important. This part can be tricky. A more

experienced photographer may appear to be the best choice, but sometimes experience can lead

to stagnation. In this instance, the photographer might be averse to doing things in different

ways. He or she could also be behind on the latest technologies, trends, and styles. On the other

hand, a less experienced photographer may be more flexible but not as professional. He or she

may not be able to assist with the process of the wedding ceremony or offer a smooth and

professional photo shoot.

The bride and groom should inquire as to what services their photographer offers. Some

photographers offer packages that include an engagement photo shoot. Will he or she cover the

entire wedding day? What about their capabilities for editing images?

Finally, in what format will the photos be accessible? In addition to physical prints and

albums, will the images be provided in a digital form? Can they be accessed through a portal for

family and friends? On what media will they be presented? DVD? External hard drive? Does that

cost extra? Also, will the photographer be backing while they are being taken to ensure they

won’t be lost?

A quick thought about photo enhancement: some photographers may use photo

enhancement to compensate for sub-quality photos. On the other hand, maybe photo

enhancements are something the couple would like to have.

a word of caution don t be fooled

A word of caution: don’t be fooled by photographers who offer introductory rates. Some

photographers will offer introductory prices to get a wedding booked with them. Wedding

photography is an expensive affair. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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