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Best Way to Choose Craftsman Doors

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Best Way to Choose Craftsman Doors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Craftsmen are one kind of artisans whose ideas have been able to stand the test of time.\n\nVisit:

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best way to choose craftsman doors

Best Way to Choose Craftsman Doors

Craftsmen are one kind of artisans whose ideas have been able to stand the test of time. From

the Stone Age, through medieval times to the period of the industrial revolution up until the

modern age, several technologically refining methods of crafting have been introduced but

the art and craft movement has remained resolute and has stuck hitherto to the simple

elegance and natural beauty of their craft. All through the ages, they have stood their ground

against moves to industrialize the art of crafting. Today, deservedly, the craftsman has a

niche and has been able to enshrine the ideals and legacy of originality in a very sophisticated

world of interior design.

So without a feeling of inferiority, the craftsman holds his head high in a home that depicts

life in its simplest form. Everything from the foundation to the roof is purely naturally

crafted. The reality of today is that haughty eyes of the sophisticated interior decor enthusiast

that once despised the simple allure of natural craft have now been compelled by the global

attention on living green to appreciate natural forms and simple lines.

Against this backdrop, works of craft continue to remain relevant. One of them is the

craftsman cottage door. Historically, this type of doors dates back to the latter years of the

19th century. Just before the close of the Victorian era, they were first designed in America,

about the period of the craftsman architectural upheaval. Small homes in California were

recorded to be pioneers of the use of these doors before its gradual spread to other parts of the

world. As typical of the craftsman’s design pattern, cottage doors have straight lines and


Many simple features make cottage doors unique and perfect for the structure and design of

houses at this time. Apart from the fact that they were handcrafted from mahogany wood or

particle board, they just had simple artistic designs and layouts that made them very ordinary

in look.

However, under craftsman styled design are other door ranges all for exterior use; while some

may look very traditional others are quite compliant with modern design patterns. In the class

of the latter are french doors or arch doors

of the latter are French doors or arch doors; to accentuate their unique look, accessories like

door shelf, sidelights, and decorative crowns have been fabricated as ‘go-along’

Durability is one factor you want to consider when deciding to invest in craftsman doors.

With good maintenance craftsman doors stand a good chance of remaining in use for a long

time; an integral part of maintaining craftsman doors has a lot to do with constantly renewing

the exterior polish of the wood, depending anyway on how much the door is exposed to

inclement weather conditions; for doors with glass, cleaning the glassy part would just do;

maintaining craftsman doors is that simple and you don’t have to spend so much to make it


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