why do we need car insurance n.
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car insurance legal cover PowerPoint Presentation
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car insurance legal cover

car insurance legal cover

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car insurance legal cover

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  1. Why do we need car insurance In its simplest sense, car insurance is smart planning — planning that can help protect you from expensive, sometimes devastating surprises. • Think of car insurance as part of your total financial plan; a powerful tool that can help: • Safeguard the investment you've made in your car • Pay for medical bills after an accident • Shield you from the costly damages of an accident-related lawsuit • Protect you from uninsured or under-insured motorists • Pay for damage repairs due to theft, vandalism, or natural disasters; and, of course, • Strengthen your peace of mind, every time you take to the road.

  2. Driver Guardian offers you an array of keyinsurance solutions and packages tailor made to suit your requirement and budget in case your car and house keys get stolen or lost. Guidance for car insurance

  3. Welcome to Driver Guardian Specialist in great low cost money saving policies.

  4. Car Insurance Insurance policy excess is the amount you have to pay in the event of a claim on your insurance policy. This policy covers up to £500 of excess, having a higher excess gives you a discount on your car insurance, often more then cost of our policy.

  5. Key Insurance This policy covers all your keys you attach to the Boomerang-Tag, plus related inconvenience up to the value of £1500 per year.

  6. Legal Protection Insurance Our legal protection is an insurance policy so it can be used as a like for relacement for the policy your vehicle insurer will sell you. You can buy today and select your policy start date.

  7. Misfueling Insurance Putting the wrong fuel in your car is so easily done and is costly and successful. Cover up to £2500 in misfuelling related costs.

  8. Replacement Vehicle Insurance Courtesy cars are usually only provided whilst your vehicle is being repaired. But what if your vehicle is too badly damaged to be repaired or is stolen? You may find yourself with no vehicle to use.

  9. CONTACT ADDRESS Driver Guardian Ltd 1 Slaidburn Crescent Southport PR9 9YF Office 0844 822 6077 Emai : CONTACT US