The first americans
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The First Americans. U.S. History. Who D iscovered America?. Not Christopher Columbus! “You didn’t discover it we were already here!”

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The first americans

The First Americans

U.S. History

Who d iscovered america
Who Discovered America?

  • Not Christopher Columbus! “You didn’t discover it we were already here!”

  • It is believed that humans first migrated from Asia some time during the last Glacial Period (aka Ice Age), which began about 112,000 years ago and ended sometime between 9,700 and 9,600 B.C.

  • Over time, these people formed into the well-known tribes of North and South America (Mayas, Aztecs, Iroquois, Cherokee, etc.)

A note on b c and a d
A Note on B.C. and A.D.

  • The Gregorian calendar, which we follow, is based on the birth of Jesus Christ.

  • B.C. (Before Christ, also Before Christian Era or Before Common Era) indicates anything that happened before the birth of Jesus Christ.

    • Ex. The Roman Empire began around 500 B.C.

  • A.D. (Anno Domini, Latin for “Year of the Lord” indicates anything that happened after the birth of Christ.

    • Ex. Mr. S was born in 1983 A.D.

Two theories on migration
Two Theories on Migration

  • There are two major theories on how humans originally came from Asia to the Americas.

  • Land-bridge Theory- humans hunting big game animals crossed a land-bridge that existed between modern day Alaska and Russia during the last Glacial Period (13,000 B.C)

  • Costal-route Theory- humans came to the Americas in small boats along the western coast of North America.

Land bridge map
Land-Bridge Map

During last Glacial Period


Following the migration
Following the Migration

  • In the 1000’s of years that followed, these first Americans formed into many tribes with unique languages, customs, and cultures.

  • Mr. S, show us the land-bridge videos!