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The Best for the Best

The Best for the Best

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The Best for the Best

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  1. The Best for the Best How to get the best Computer Patricia Jones

  2. The Old and The New When computers came out they were only a monitor with a mini tower on the side. And now people look for the best modify computer to take less space on their desk and a more fascinating look, like the new Apple Mac.

  3. What to Look For If you are planning to get a computer any time soon, you might be faced with a difficulty of shopping for the computer you want. You might have to deal with monitor size, type, speed, input devices, and the amount of storage the computer can hold. In addition you might be faced with the price and also buying a printer. In following slides you will find what you need in your decision making and prices you might want to look at.

  4. Monitors Monitors can be a very important part of the decision making when buying a computer. Some people decide to buy a laptop just to try to keep space on their desk. (laptops will be discussed in a different slide) • The screen size comes in different size like the 15-20in. However as the screen size increase so does the price. As you can see in the graph in the following page.

  5. Store Make Model Product Description Price 17" PerfectFlat Monitor. 1280 x 1024 max Viewsonic Frys resolution, 16" viewable image size $149 Envision 19" Flat CRT Monitor. 1024x768 resolution, EN985 CompUSA 18" viewable $149.99 XF-9B Extreme Flat 19" CRT Monitor. KDS 1600x1200 max dpi resolution, 0.2 mm XF9B Office Depot horizontal dot pitch. 18" viewable image size $167 19" Dynaflat monitor. 0.20 dot pitch, 18" Samsung Best Buy viewable $199.99 19" UltraBrite CRT Monitor. 0.25 dot pitch, Viewsonic Frys 18" viewable image size $229 Liquid Video 15-in. LCD Monitor with integrated Speaker. A150X1 Circuit City 1024x768 max resolution, 7-in. base depth $229.99 SDM-HS53 15" LCD Monitor. 1024x768 dpi Sony CompUSA resolution $349.97 Samsung Best Buy 15" LCD Flat Panel Monitor. 6.9" deep $359.99 MAG Best Buy 17" LCD Monitor. 6.1" deep $399.99 MegaVision 15" TFT flat panel display w/ built in TV tuner& video inputs, 500:1 HW Frys contrast ratio,.297mm pixel pitch $399.99 Hewlett 17" LCD Monitor. 1280x1024 max Packard CompUSA resolution, .264 dot pitch, 8.6 in. depth $499.97 17" 3-in-1 TFT Monitor with TV tuner and Samsung Best Buy video inputs $599.99 SyncMaster 19" LCD Monitor. 1280x1024 resolution, 170 degree horizontal / vertical Samsung Circuit City viewing angle $599.99 19" LCD Monitor. 250 cd/m brightness, 170 degree horizontal & vertical viewing angle, 600:1 contrast ratio, 19" viewable image Viewsonic Best Buy size $649.99 SDM-HS93 19" LCD Monitor. 1280x1024 Sony CompUSA dpi resolution $699.97 19quot; TFT flat panel, 1280 x 1024 native resolution, .294mm pixel pitch, 700:1 Sharp Frys contrast ratio, 250cdm brightness $729.99 21.3" Digital LCD Flat Panel Monitor. 250cd/m2 brightness, 170 degree horizontal Samsung & vertical viewing angles, 500:1 contrast 213T CompUSA ratio $1,099.97 Monitors Continued

  6. Monitors continued All you might want to remember is that as the monitor size increases so does the quality of the picture. However if you are trying to buy the whole computer you might want to shop around. For the best price. You can check out the price compare at Sales Circular. They will give you the latest price on all of the computer and the best place to buy them at.

  7. Keyboards and Mouse If you get the whole computer package, your package should come with a keyboard and a mouse, and sometimes it is not what you like. When shopping around you should try taking your time on a keyboard and on a mouse so you can feel confront able when doing your work. You might also want to check out the wireless keyboard and mouse specially if you are a person that likes to move around when doing work . You can check out this great offers at Dell, or search for the best price at msn search page.

  8. What's In the Storage? Most computers of today comes with: • 3.5 disk drive • A zip Drive • Cd-rom/dvd And some also comes with a cd burn software. 3. 5 disk drive is needed in every computer, if you see a computer without one do not plan on getting that one unless you plan to copy and paste. A zip drive is much like a 3.5 disk drive. A CD-ROM / DVD video is present by X factor. The higher the number is the better image you will have. So when shopping for the best computer you might want to take a quick look at the numbers to see if the storage is worth the money, because the more storage you have the more you will have to pay. Do not be scared by the number because in the long run it will do you good to have that extra space for your kids pictures

  9. Making the Decision As you walk by the computers, trying to figure out which one to buy you run across a laptop, you might have two things running through your mind. “ I like this”, or “ is this for me?” Most laptops are usually used for business and college students, but just because it is used for only business and college students it does not mean you can not have one!

  10. Laptops Laptops seem to be one of the most expensive PC out there today. However the prices are only higher on laptops because they can go anywhere and everywhere. If you are planning to buy a laptop you will want to look for the same hardware components in a laptop as you would when buying a desktop computer. Such as : • fast microprocessor • plenty of memory • a clear screen • a disk drive.

  11. Other Output Device Printers are one of the most expensive equipment you will have to buy for your computer. However the work your printer does pays off for the money you paid for it. • The laser printers are the top of the line printers. This printers may run from $200-$3,000. Although the prices seem very high this printers does a great job of work. They can produce between 600 dots per inch to 1,500 dots per inch, which it seems it will do a great things for people that print a lot of work. • The ink-jet printer can also do a great deal of work. They may run between $30-$100. As you can see although they are cheaper they can still bring excellent text and graphics.

  12. Output devices continued However if you plan to buy a scanner, copier, printer, and a fax machine for your office or home, you might want to look at the All-in-One machine. The All-in-One machine combines all four of the equipment into one. It is made to save you money and hassle in looking for the perfect machine for you computer. The All-in-One machine can run from $89-$300, and as you can see it is a great saving for you. • For more prices please click here.

  13. So whenever you decide to look for a new computer, make sure you look for the best because only the best can have the best