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Now What Do I Do?

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Now What Do I Do? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Now What Do I Do?

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  1. Now What Do I Do? Top 10 Future Technology That Exist Today – YouTube

  2. (Georgetown University)

  3. Across the nation…. • In 2012, USA Today reported that 51% of jobs require technical skills, and 46% of jobs require higher education degrees. • They predict that in the next 3-5 years, the percentages will increase to 60% for technical requirements and 49% for a higher level education.

  4. What Are My Options? College, Vocational & Trade School, Work, Military, Or you could lay around on mom and dad’s couch (NOT ADVISED!).

  5. College Options Associate …………..2 years Bachelor ……………4 years Master ….................2-2.5 years (following a bachelors degree) Doctorate………...…8+ years Degree # of years to complete

  6. College Entrance and Skills Assessment Exams • SAT- an aptitude test, testing reasoning and verbal abilities. Math, Verbal, and Writing Portions • ASVAB - a multiple-aptitude battery test that measures developed abilities and helps predict future academic and occupational success. • ACT- an achievement test, measuring what a student has learned in school. Science, Math, Reading, Verbal, Writing Portions • Compass/Accuplacer computerized test in reading, writing, and mathematics which satisfies the state requirement for placement testing. 

  7. Web Resources • College Board – SAT • ACT Student • College Week Live • Cappex

  8. Schools in: Business Automotive Culinary Art & Design Cosmetology Legal and Criminal Justice Technology Vocational & Trade School Options • Vocation Schools • Trade Schools • NWI Trades

  9. Ivy Tech Community College Over 150 different Programs to choose from Statewide Certificates Technical Certificates Associate Degrees Over 31 Campuses with 200,000 Students Statewide Easy Admission Process Core 40/Above a 3.0/460 for English and Math for SAT/18 for English and Math for ACT Application Online New Student Orientation Online Take Accuplacer at any Ivy Tech campus (if assessment is needed) Financial Aid Guidance Transferrable Between individual Ivy Techs, as well as between other higher education institutions Start at Ivy Tech and Transfer or get your Associate Degree and transfer that into a Bachelor’s Degree

  10. Work Options You can work your way up. Some employers will pay for additional schooling or training. Internship- to gain experience. You can work part-time. Working as a temporary worker may lead to full-time employment.

  11. Military Options Army and National Guard Navy and Coast Guard Marines Air Force Reservists Scholarships See your school counselor for contact and additional information.

  12. Where Do I Go For Information? Internet Learn More Indiana: Home Valpo Community Schools site Trip to College Educators: Home Visit your counselor Attend College Fairs and Job Fairs Visit Career Centers

  13. Financial Assistance • Apply for FAFSA to receive aid. • Create an account with to be notified of scholarships you are eligible for. • Visit

  14. Bill Gates-11 Rules You Will Never Learn In School - YouTube