By jacob in mr pezez class
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The lightning theif. by jacob in mr.pezez class. This is the Author and the illustrator and the number of pages. Rick riordan 375 .

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By jacob in mr pezez class

The lightning theif

by jacob in mr.pezez class

Main characters
main characters pages

Peircy Jackson/ he is a kid that does bad in school but is a demi god when he learns that he knose how to youse his power and his dad is posiedon the god of the water

Grover/ he is a satyr that is Peircy Jackson’s protector

Annabeth /she has a magic baseball cap that turns her invisible and her mom is Athena the god of wisdom

Hades /Hades is one of the big three that rules the underworld

Zeus/Zeus has a master bolt that is the most powerful thing in the world and is in the bid three

Poseidon /he is in the big three he lives in Olympus with Zeus and gets blamed for stealing the master bolt

Ares/he is the god of war and he wanted to start war between Zeus and posiedon and kill peircy

settings pages

Camp half blood

Yancy academy

The underworld


problem pages

Someone stole the master bolt


solution pages


So Piercy goes on a huge adventure and fights many monsters and returns the master bolt to Zeus

By jacob in mr pezez class

Favorite part pages

My favorite part was when they were surrounded by an army of skeletons holding guns

Why read it
Why read it pages

If you like mythology you'll love this book it has monsters and gods and funny moments

The rating for the book
The rating for the book pages

This book is seriously award winning it is like the worlds best book man its so good I'm going to give it a wikitastik this is like the best book ever you really should read it.

Picture places
Picture places pages

Bing . Com

Ask kids . com