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ITL Meeting – January 25, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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ITL Meeting – January 25, 2013

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ITL Meeting – January 25, 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ITL Meeting – January 25, 2013
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  1. ITL Meeting – January 25, 2013 Today’s topic: Blended Learning ITL Planning Team: Carole Vetterus, Riverview Community Schools Jeff Trudell, Wyandotte Public Schools Mary Jane Mielke, Wayne Westland Community Schools Joe Hilliard, Gibraltar Public Schools Valerie DePoli, Trenton Public Schools Anupam Chugh, Wayne RESA Deb Clancy, Wayne RESA URLs to keep handy: ITL Wiki – Back Channel Discussion –

  2. Agenda 9:00-9:05    Welcome & Introductions9:05-9:30    Information Sharing (local and statewide) - 9:30-9:45    Information Sharing from Participants - new projects, initiatives, etc.9:45-10:15  Introduction to Blended Learning - presentation and discussion activity (Refer to Classifying K12 Blended Learning document)10:15-10:30 Break10:30-11:30Flipped Teaching and Learning in the Elementary Classroom – Joanna Van Raden - Luther C. Klager Elementary School, Manchester Community Schools (video conference)11:30-12:30   Lunch12:30-2:00    Blended Learning Panel: Debbie Eves - Garden City Schools, Luke Woods & Dr. Mike Lonze - Fraser Community Schools, and Shawn Elliott - Crestwood Public Schools         2:00-2:30    Wrap up - REMC Blended Learning PD Course (Joe Hilliard)

  3. State and Local Updates • Statewide upcoming events • REMC • MDE - 22.i Tech Readiness Infrastructure Grants Program • Lansing - Education policy/funding proposed changes

  4. Upcoming Events • EdCampOAISD ~ *Free*   February 23 ~ A day of connecting, learning, collaborating, and networking for all educators! Follow @edcampoaisd on Twitter! • REMC Blended Learning in the Classroom online course ~ *Free*  5 CEUs/50 SCECHs - This blended course will prepare teachers to be effective blended instructors in their own environment • Digital Learning Day ~ *Free*  Digital Learning Day is a national campaign that celebrates teachers and shines a spotlight on successful instructional practice and effective use of technology in classrooms across the country. • Day of Discovery ~ *Free*  Berrien RESA/REMC 11 is hosting a free professional development focused on creative ways to motivate students, engage higher order thinking, support retention and transfer, and achieve learning goals with creative integration strategies using Discovery Education media assets.   • Harmony Financial Network PD opportunities – see handout for more information • MACUL – March 20-22, 2013

  5. REMC Updates • REMC is partnering with various consortia for Categories 2 and 3 in the 22i grant. • Moodle Moot and Hub • Blended Learning in the Classroom PD course - round 2 • Check out other REMC updates at

  6. MDE - 22.i Tech Readiness Grant Category 1 – Grant submission date: 12/20/12 All districts in Wayne County signed on for Category 1. This is the only category that is for districts and provides districts with $10 per student.  Part of that money was received in the State Aid payment districts' received this week, the other part will be in next month's state aid. RESA has suggested districts hold on to the money until all of the details for the 9 requirements are developed. Category 2 - is for consortiums of ISDs to partner in a leadership role for the grant. RESA has worked with the other ISDs in the state and we have formed a consortium called "Greater Michigan Education Consortium" (GMEC); consists of approximately 22 ISDs in the mid to southeast Michigan. The state will select up to 10 consortiums. Category 3 - is for "winners" of Category 2; contains 7 different activities of which a consortium may apply. Our consortium has selected 4 activities. The deadline for this submission is 1/31. Category 4 - In Category 1, one of the requirements districts agreed to was to pick a consortium - one of the "winners" of Category 3. We certainly hope Wayne districts will pick our consortium (GMEC). There is no money in Category 4 for districts. Category 5 - probably be awarded to one of the "winners" of Category 3 to complete the implementation of a Statewide Education Network, however, the details have not been released.

  7. Lansing - Education policy/funding

  8. Participants Sharing Out What’s happening in your building/district? What new/exciting things you encountered in your instructional setting?

  9. What is Blended Learning? Full time traditional classes in a school Full time online learning with online courses (STW) Blended Learning

  10. What is Blended Learning? Definition: Blended learning is a formal education program in which a student learns at least in part through online delivery of content and instructional with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or paceAND at least in part at a supervised brick-and-mortar location away from home. -Classifying K-12 Blended Learning, Innosight Institute, May 2012 Blended Learning

  11. Blended Learning Activity • Refer to the Classifying K-12 Blended Learning (Innosight Institute) handout for this activity.

  12. Blended Learning Models Primary delivery of content and instruction is online Classifying K-12 Blended Learning, Innosight Institute, May 2012

  13. What the flipped classroom is NOT

  14. Flipped Classroom Models in MI(just a sample of what’s out there) • Clintondale Public Schools - Results • Lincoln Park Public Schools • Manchester Public Schools

  15. Break Image source:

  16. Flipped learning at the elementary level Joanna Van RadenFourth  Grade Teacher Luther C. KlagerElementaryManchester Community Schools

  17. Lunch 11:30-12:30

  18. Blended Learning Panel • Debbie Eves, Director at Garden City GIVE Program • Luke Woods, Director of Online Learning at Fraser HS • Dr. Mike Lonze, Principal at Fraser HS • Shawn Elliott, Business Technology Teacher at Crestwood HS

  19. Wrap up • Comments/Questions • REMC Blended Learning Class – Joe Hilliard • Next ITL meeting is with the LML group – March 4, 2013: Technology breakout sessions covering topics such as Edmodo, Moodle, Screencasting, Google Tools, Destiny and more!