the northeast united states n.
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The Northeast United States

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The Northeast United States - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Northeast United States. West Quoddy Head, Maine. -Northeast Maine -Northernmost part of the United States -Important fishing spot -The lighthouse keeps ships from crashing into the shore. -The Sun rises here before anywhere else in the country

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west quoddy head maine
West Quoddy Head, Maine

-Northeast Maine

-Northernmost part of the United States

-Important fishing spot

-The lighthouse keeps ships from crashing into the shore.


-The Sun rises here before anywhere else in the country

  • -The coast use to be smooth until the Ice Age
  • -When glaciers melted, the sea flowed into the places where they were.
  • Harbors formed.

-Mt. Washington

  • -State of New Hampshire
  • -Highest peak in the Northeast.
  • -6,288 feet tall!
  • -Mt. Washington Cog Railway
plymouth mass
Plymouth Mass.
  • -Pilgrims landed here 400 years ago!
  • -Half of the Pilgrims searched for religious freedom and half were Virginia-bound.
  • -The ship was called the Mayflower
  • -The ship was headed for Virginia but ended up in New England!
the erie canal
The Erie Canal

A canal is a ditch dug across land.

Locks are used to raise and lower boats in the water.


Milton Hershey used a system called Mass Production

independence hall
Independence Hall
  • The birthplace of the United States
  • July 4, 1776 was the first Independence Day
boston massachusetts
Boston Massachusetts

One of America’s oldest cities

The revolution led to the overflow of British rule

Freedom trail –where the fight for freedom began

new york
New York

More than 8 million people live here!

Largest city in America

City of immigrants—people from all over Europe and Africa were the first to come.

Skyscraper– a very tall building!

washington d c
Washington D.C.

-Our nation’s capital

-Our government is located here

-There are three branches to our government: Legislative, Judicial and Executive

The Capitol Building is where Congress meets to make our nation’s laws.

legislative branch
Legislative Branch

Makes laws for our country.

executive branch
Executive Branch

The president is the head of this branch.

judicial branch
Judicial Branch

Makes sure that laws are passed.