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WELCOME TO. RISING STARS "LIVE". What you can expect . Develop skills Gain confidence Progress…promotion will come with consistent effort Support and guidance Begin with the end in mind. Today’s Topics. Develop Effective Work Habits Prospecting & General Leads

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welcome to




what you can expect
What you can expect
  • Develop skills
  • Gain confidence
  • Progress…promotion will come with consistent effort
  • Support and guidance
  • Begin with the end in mind
today s topics
Today’s Topics
  • Develop Effective Work Habits
  • Prospecting & General Leads
  • Bookings Mean Business
  • Hostess Coaching
  • Customer Care
  • Recruiting Basics
  • Get Your Reps Off to a Fast Start
today s presenters
Today’s Presenters
  • Stephanie Sanda, Dover, OH – Star Leader with Silpada for 3 ½ yrs
  • Tracey Logan, Urbana, OH – Star Leader with Silpada 2 ½ years
  • Jenny Stewart, Sabina, OH – Emerging Star Leader with Silpada 1 ½ years
  • Becky Due, Upper Arlington, OH – Silver Manager with Silpada 3 ½ years
  • Martha Price, Dublin, OH– Sterling Manager with Silpada 4 years
develop effective work habits

Develop Effective Work Habits

Presented by: Stephanie Sanda

three obstacles to success
Three Obstacles to Success
  • You can’t ‘find the time’ to work.
  • You don’t know whom to contact
  • You don’t know what to say to prospects.
finding time to work
Finding Time to Work
  • No one FINDS the time to work
  • You have to MAKE the time to work
  • Time Blocking – it’s an easy way to FIND time
tools to help you make time
Tools to help you “Make Time”
  • Monthly Planner

-used to schedule time for business

  • Open Dates Sheet

-transfer dates from monthly planner

-work when YOU want to work

  • Daily Planner

-list business and personal to do’s

-keep track of business building contacts you make each day

what is a contact
What is a Contact?
  • Anyone, anywhere that you talk to about your business for growth
  • You can’t always list your contacts – sometimes you don’t know who they are
an easy way to find contacts
An easy way to find contacts

Who are your Circles of Influence?

other tracking tools
Other tracking tools
  • Critique Your Week – will help you see patterns in your behavior. You’ll see area where you excel and areas you need to improve
  • Prospect Follow Up Log – helps you track your contacts
  • Income and Expense log – helps you keep good records
  • Who do you know list – a good one is like $ in the bank
tips to make the most of your time
Tips to make the most of your time
  • Report to work
  • Plan a power hour
  • Check your email 2 times a day
the big impact habit

The BIG Impact Habit

Consistent Activity = Results

prospecting generating leads

Prospecting & Generating Leads

Presented by: Tracey Logan

the 1 big impact habit is

The #1 “Big” Impact Habit is…

Make 5 Business Contacts a Day

what are the biggest obstacles
What are the Biggest Obstacles
  • You don’t know who to contact
  • You don’t know what to say to prospects
our 3 services
Our 3 Services
  • Purchasing product
  • Hosting a party
  • Exploring the business opportunity
  • Green Flags – verbal and non verbal signals that show interest in our business
mini commercial

Mini Commercial

Easy way to talk about the 3 services at your shows

who are your prospects
Who are Your Prospects?

People you know

-from your who do you know list

People you will meet

  • the secret to meeting people is wanting to

People at your parties

-have you missed any green flags

People referred by others

-could come from circles of influence

ways to initiate conversation
Ways to initiate conversation
  • “I love your jewelry where did you get it?”
  • “Have you ever been to a Silpada Party?”
  • “Here’s my catalog – my name is on the back.”
keeping track of your prospects
Keeping Track of your Prospects
  • 5 contacts x 7 days a week = 35 contacts
  • It is essential that you keep track and follow up promptly. Don’t disappoint your prospect.

Answer to this Problem?

Prospect Follow Up Log

the most valuable business tool the phone
The most valuable business tool!!THE PHONE!!

Does your phone feel like it weighs 1000 lbs!!

You CAN get comfortable with experience

Make scripts for yourself

  • Prospecting
  • Scheduling parties & appointments
  • Closing the sale
  • Customer Care
  • Recruiting
  • Coaching your Hostess
  • Coaching new reps
  • Training for Silpada – Conference Calls



Available in Silpada Learning System

bookings mean business

Bookings Mean Business!!

Presented by: Jenny Stewart

you need enough bookings
You need ENOUGH bookings

Recommendation – 2 home show a week


  • You get good at what you do
  • You meet lots of prospects
  • You set a standard for your team
  • If you work sporadically, you always feel like you are starting over
silpada home shows are the best place to build your business
Silpada Home shows are the best place to build your business!


You have an audience!

You need bookings to achieve your goals

Why 2 bookings?

1st – replaces the show

2nd - builds your business!

booking ideas
Who do you know list

Set a goal to book 6 parties

Ask for referrals

Wear your NEW jewelry everywhere, watch to see who’s eyes light up!

Invite your friends to your own Silpada show

If someone is uncertain, offer to show them a sample

Booking Ideas


For NEW Recruits

book 2 shows at every party make it your goal

Book 2 shows at every party!Make it your goal

How can YOU encourage bookings?

It’s easy - HAVE FUN!!

Encourage the hostess and guest to try on LOTS of jewelry

Use visuals to illustrate Hostess FREE jewelry rewards

Ask your guests to model the jewelry

Do your mini commercial!

more ideas about bookings
More ideas about bookings
  • Have fun and be positive!
  • Coach the hostess
  • Ask everyone to host
  • Pay attention to the women who LOVE all of the jewelry!
  • Let the customers know there is a 3 month time frame
is your calendar full let s share some ideas
Is your calendar full?Let’s share some ideas
  • Booking on the phone

-what words do you use?

  • Home show bookings

-what ideas do you have?

  • Booking from referrals

-how do you do this?

open dates sheet
Open Dates Sheet
  • How do you use it?
  • Blank Calendar
  • Add incentives?


Day Date Name Phone E-mail

____________ __________________

____________ ___________________

____________ ___________________

____________ ___________________

____________ ___________________

* Book on a “Star Date” and get an extra gift! *

yes get the date
YES !! Get the date!
  • It is not a booking without a date! Get the date on the calendar, and follow up with an email or phone call to confirm it!
  • CONFIRM EVERY DATE WITHIN 48 HOURS of booking the date!


  • Talk about how easy it is to host
  • 3 appetizers
  • 1 ½ to 2 hours
  • Offer to send invitations!
  • Website for customers to view product
  • All guests invited to bring a friend


no doesn t mean never
No doesn’t mean Never
  • Don’t give up if someone says no
  • They are not saying No to you, just to the idea of having a party
  • Don’t take it personal, just say:

-“If you change your mind, let me know”

-Can I call you in a few months, you really seem to like the jewels.

-No problem, it is my job to ask, so I ask!

hostess coaching

Hostess Coaching

Presented by: Becky Due

why hostess coach
Why Hostess Coach?

The most important part of a Silpada party happens


  • The most important aspect of your show
  • Comfortable, Excited Hostess = GREAT Attendance
  • Consistent hostess coaching will lead to consistently great shows
  • She may become an annual hostess
  • She counts on YOU to teach her how to have a great party
  • She’ll spread the word about your business!
when to hostess coach
When to Hostess Coach
  • The minute you book the show
  • Build a relationship with your hostess
  • Hostess Packet

-Your Time to Shine brochure

- 2 Silpada catalogs

- 5 Customer Order Forms

- Imagine Recruiting teaser

hand the packet to the hostess at the show in front of the guests
Hand the Packet to the Hostess at the Show in front of the Guests

This is FREE advertising for your business

success formula 10 5 1
“Success Formula” 10-5-1

Share the formula with EVERY hostess

10 buying guests

5 outside orders

1 pre-arranged booking before her party

You will have a successful party!

when to call hostess
When to call hostess
  • 2-4 weeks prior to show/event

- brainstorm her list

- invite personally

- invitations through party manager

- website for outside orders

  • 2 week prior to show to make sure

-confirm date and guest list

  • 1 week prior – get list of names for reminder calls
  • 2 days prior – get her psyched for the show!
party manager
Party Manager!
  • Sends a professional email to hostess to confirm date of party
  • Allows you to personalize the email
  • Give the hostess a link to enter guest information online
  • Puts guest information in label format
  • Creates a reminder call list for you!
reminder calls the day before the show
Reminder callsthe day before the show
  • Reminds the guest about the party
  • Allows them to give you an order before the show if they can’t go
  • Possible future hostess prospect
  • At least you can leave a message to remind them of the show.

Reminder Calls are Courtesy Calls!

after the party
After the party
  • Continue to have a relationship with your hostess after the party even if you just send an email, do something!
  • Consider your hostess your next best Rep Prospect! Invite her again to join your team
thank your hostess
Thank your hostess!
  • Always send a thank you note!
  • You can send a hand written one as well as an email one.
  • Ask for referrals! Make your hostess your partner!
customer care

Customer Care

Presented By: Stephanie Sanda

why make customer care calls
Why make Customer Care calls?
  • Let’s them know you appreciate their business
  • Make sure your customer is satisfied with her purchases
  • Increase your credibility as a service-oriented professional
  • Increase Customer confidence and loyalty
  • Keeps you informed about changes and new needs in their lives
what benefits will you experience
What Benefits will you Experience?
  • Jewelry orders
  • Increased Bookings
  • More Recruit Leads
  • Relationships that will nourish your business for years to come
when should you call
When Should you Call?
  • D.A.T.E.
  • Guests Who Attended
  • Anyone who placed outside orders
  • After jewelry has been delivered
  • To suggest pieces to go with the “Look” your customer has ordered
  • With each new product release
what should you say
What Should You Say?
  • Identify yourself and refer to something that happened or was said at the show
  • Make notes in order margins to refresh your memory about this customer’s needs
  • Have a goal and get to the point
  • Be yourself!
people will forget what you said and what you did but not how you made them feel eleanor roosevelt
“People will forget what you said and what you did, but not how you made them feel.”-Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Schedule a D.A.T.E. time within 24 hours after every show!
  • Develop a system for tracking results!
  • Go through past customer receipts and place service calls!
recruiting basics

Recruiting Basics

Presented by: Martha Price

be a successful recruiter
Be a successful recruiter
  • Recruiting is done with both head and heart
  • Recruiting is done with a sincere desire to help others realize their dreams
  • Don’t assume you know what people need
benefits of recruiting
Benefits of Recruiting
  • Fun
  • Friendships
  • Recognition
  • Financial Reward
  • Everyone deserves the opportunity to be a Silpada Rep!
three steps to recruiting
Three Steps to Recruiting
  • Inform people about the business opportunity
  • Invite them to find out more
  • Interview people who are interested
green flags for recruiting
Green Flags for recruiting
  • “How often do you do shows?”
  • Women who can’t leave the table!
  • “Is all of this jewelry yours?!”
  • “How did you get into this business?”
  • “I could never sell anything”
business opportunity packet content
Business Opportunity Packet Content
  • Silpada Application-Agreement
  • Sign Up Kit program, flyer & order form
  • Fast Start Jewelry flyer
  • Independent Rep Info Form
  • Recruiting Teaser
  • Catalog
  • Cover letter with your WHY story
ways to inform
Ways to Inform
  • Be excited about what you do
  • Tell you “Why Story”
  • Watch and listen for “Green Flags”
  • Sprinkle message throughout the show
  • Display “table talkers”
  • Point out the YES box on the order form
ways to invite
Ways to Invite
  • Make the imagine brochure and business opportunity packet available at your parties
  • Ask guest if they are interested in finding out more about what you do
  • Ask them to ‘take a look’ at the information
  • Your hostess is one of your best prospects
ways to interview
Ways to Interview
  • Set a time to meet for coffee
  • Set a time to talk on the phone
  • Invite her to go to a show with you
  • Use the Get Informed Sheet in the SLS
decision time
‘I have to think about it’

‘It looks like fun but I’m too busy’

I’m curious, what’s holding you back?

I felt the same way but you’ve got nothing to lose by trying!

Decision Time
the fortune is in the follow up
The fortune is in the follow up
  • 2% close on the first exposure
  • 3% close on the second exposure
  • 5% close on the third exposure
  • 10% close on the fourth exposure
  • 80% close on the fifth exposure!!!
getting reps off to a fast start

Getting Reps Off to a FAST START

Presented by: Becky Due

review first steps to stardom immediately why is she starting a silpada business
Review First Steps to Stardom ImmediatelyWhy is she starting a Silpada Business?
  • Product?
  • People?
  • Purpose?
  • Personal Growth?
  • Profit potential?

What is her “Why”?

what are her goals
What are her Goals?
  • Income
  • # Parties
  • Fast Start Free Jewelry
  • How many shows would she like to do a month?
scheduling her first 30 days
Scheduling her first 30 days
  • Party nights
  • Office/phone hours
  • Coaching calls
  • Introduce critique your week
  • Team meetings & Events
become a great coach
Become a Great Coach
  • Model success
  • Create urgency and commitment
  • Build your relationship based on her goals, not yours!
  • Teach her to use time-effectiveness tools
  • Set Expectations
great coach continued
Great Coach Continued…
  • Stay in Touch.
  • Encourage shadowing and 3-way calling
  • Watch her Fast Start dates
  • Recognize her accomplishments
  • Offer weekly challenges!
  • Keep her motivated through the good and the bad!
maintain your personal business
Maintain YOUR personal business
  • Book Parties
  • Hostess Coach
  • Follow Recruiting Basics
  • Set Goals
  • 80% Personal/20% Group
  • Now that you have a Rep, you need your sponsor more than ever.
  • USE HER!