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Titl e o f th e Inventio n

Titl e o f th e Inventio n. The Novel Fuel Combustion Engine with Dry Run Protection. Invento r Prashant Parshuram Sathe. Technica l Fiel d o f Invention :.

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Titl e o f th e Inventio n

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  1. TitleoftheInvention The Novel Fuel Combustion Engine with Dry Run Protection Inventor Prashant ParshuramSathe

  2. TechnicalFieldofInvention: This invention has come into existence due to the dire need of preventing the fuel combustion engine pump from damaging itself due to the dry run phenomenon. In the dry run situation the engines are usually overheated and it leads to damage in the component of the apparatus for which the present solution has been made. As this novel mechanism stops the flow of fuel when there is absence of fluid in the pump. IPRStatus: PatentPending ApplicationNumber: 201721040719 KeyAdvantagesOfInvestinginEarlyStage: • Investingintheinitialstageofsuchanexceptionaltechnologyisan opportunitytogetlicensingrightsatanextremelycostefficientprice. • Itprovidesflexibilityforthemodificationasperrequirements. • Involvementofinvestor'sResearchandDevelopmentexpertise,wouldfurtherenhancethequalityofproduct.

  3. The Problem: • Whilethereexistmethodsforgenerationof energy through fuel combustion engine pumps, theyhave followingshortcomings: • Fuel pump is operated on mechanical energy and needs consistent flow of fluid. • The components of the engine pump dissipates the heat generated from the friction into the flowing fluid. This flowing fluid acts as a cooling component for the engine pump. • Situation occurs when the engine pump operates without fluid medium pumped through it. This dry run leads to overheating of all the components of the engine and the pump. • This dry run often causes huge damage to the engine and the pump due to the absence of the cooling agent.

  4. KeyFeatures ofinvention: • The novel arrangement of the fuel combustion engine pump to prevent itself from dry running. • The working of the fuel pump is purely mechanical and doesn’t require any electrical energy. No electrical power source is needed to sense the dry run and prevent it. • The overheating of the components of engine and pumps is prevented. • No damage is caused to the engine and pump. • Stop fuel dispensation and saves the same when no fluid is being pumped to the engine pump. • It has the ability to distinguish between random pressure fluctuations and dry run. • Apparatus used is very much economical and affordable.

  5. KeyComponents of the invention: • Engine Pump: This apparatus is an integration of a pump and combustion engine and the same engine drives the pump which in turn imparts pressure and kinetic energy on fluid. Pump is a device which is used to transport fluids from one place to another or from lower height to higher height with respect to ground. The pump receives mechanical power from external source through its impeller shaft, the rotation of impeller shaft imparts rotation of impeller in the casing. The rotation motion of the impeller in closed sealed casing imparts kinetic and pressure energy on fluids. By virtue of this energy fluids are transported from one place to another. • Connecting Pipe: The pressure built in the pump further goes to the piston with the help of the connecting pipe. This pipe hold the fluid exerting pressure generated from the engine pump. • Piston: This device is an works on the hydraulic pressure. It displaces the default position of the control valve and makes the valve open for fluid to pass from the fuel tank to the engine pump.

  6. KeyComponents of the invention: • Control Valve: This spring loaded valve is fitted in between the fuel tank and the engine pump over the fuel pipeline. It has three openings: • fuel inlet; • fuel outlet and; • Entry for fluid coming via pump. • The default position of this valve is closed state but when pressure is exerted upon it via the piston arrangement, it leads to displacement of the valve from its equilibrium position and opens the fuel pipeline to transfer the fuel from tank to the engine pump. In the situation of dry run, as no pressure is exerted over the valve, it reverts to its default state. • Manual Knob: This is the provision kept in the novel engine to reset the engine after a dry run. The knob is connected physically with valve block when pulled manually by user will displace the valve block and open the fuel line allowing the fuel to flow from fuel tank to engine. This would provide initial stock of fuel needed for engine starting. Once the engine pump is started the fluid pressure in the pump will open control valve ensuring continuity of fuel flow.

  7. Working: • This arrangement novel engine pump which prevents itself from dry running condition, the engine pump includes the control valve on fuel line which connects fuel tank and engine to facilitate transport of fuel. The control valve is “normally closed” type of valve having at least three openings, one for fuel inlet, one for fuel outlet, and another one for entry of fluid coming from pump. • The connecting pipe facilitates the flow of main system fluid from pump to control valve. The control valve which is in default closed state utilizes the pressure force of fluid from pump to change its state form closed to open state allowing the flow of fuel through fuel line to engine of engine pump.

  8. Working: • But in absence of fluid pressure during dry run control valve remains in closed state stopping the fuel supply to engine, which further result in stopping of engine pump working during dry run. And hence further prevents the engine pump from damages caused due to it. The proposed engine pump can also distinguish between pressure drop due to actual dry run and pressure drop due to random fluctuation to provide accurate and reliable dry run detection and prevention.

  9. Key Advantages: Expectations: • Company seeks alliance with Potential Licensees to assign Licensing Rights to market these technologies. • Company is also interested in Technical Collaboration and Economic Cooperation. Target Industry: • Mechanical Industry


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