it is what you do n.
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It is….. What You DO

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It is….. What You DO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It is….. What You DO. Hiring Trends That Are Headed Your Way. Talent Parsing / New Dimension.

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it is what you do

It is….. What You DO

Hiring Trends That Are

Headed Your Way

talent parsing new dimension
Talent Parsing / New Dimension
  • A recent study indicated that the traditional pathways to the most senior leadership positions in the military….while still including the “traditional” route, are increasingly including those with less glamorous assignments, but who performed at a stellar level.
  • 1 Min Value pitch – what was the most recent action you took that resulted in a “stellar” outcome.
what it takes to win
What it Takes to Win



A second pair of eyes and ears does not hurt.

Mine are trained to pick up valuable information

Your abilities in the Self-Awareness column will tangibly increase.

  • Know thyself
  • Vocality – shifting up/down in real time
  • No such human being as “their communication skills are too strong”
the answer
The Answer
  • The Bulletproof Candidate Course
    • If accepted you will emerge with a honed edge which will set you apart in a good way regardless of the level of competition.
  • This is advanced material for rapid results.
  • These techniques will improve your performance in any corporate setting, initially developed to help the best land the job.
  • Why not bring that intensity daily ?
russ moon executive search specializing in taxation
Russ MoonExecutive SearchSpecializing in Taxation
  • Connect initially via Linkedinor Facebook if interested in scheduling an initial consult on the program.