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IMMORTALITY. Religion and Science. Learning Objectives:. To refresh and pull together previous knowledge. To explore scientific possibilities of immortality and the philosophical dilemmas they raise. Scientific Possibilities. Religious Ideas. Genetic Longevity Treatments

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Religion and Science

Learning objectives
Learning Objectives:

  • To refresh and pull together previous knowledge.

  • To explore scientific possibilities of immortality and the philosophical dilemmas they raise.


Scientific Possibilities

Religious Ideas

Genetic Longevity Treatments

Genetic Enhancement

Organ Replacement


Judaism, Christianity

Bionic Engineering

Technological Enhancement




Heaven and Hell:

Judaism, Christianity,


Consciousness Transfer

Mind Upload into Robots, Computers and Computer Networks

The greatest challenge to

what it means to be human

The greatest incentive

to be the best human


  • Would a person whose liver been replaced with a cloned one still be human?

  • Would a person whose eyes been replaced with cloned ones still be human?

  • What if these eyes were genetically modified to see also in UV and IR spectrum?

  • What if the person’s brain has also been enhanced to handle more visual information?

  • What if the person was implanted witha processor that increases brain power?

  • What if the person’s skin was nano-coated with a solar power layer to run the processor?

  • What if the person’s brain was gradually replaced by processors as it ages and becomes less efficient?

  • What if the person’s brain was scanned and uploaded into a robot?

  • Is there any difference between a robot with a human consciousness and a nano-coated solar-powered humanoid with a hybrid brain?

  • Could you kill a robot with a human consciousness?

Homework: still be human?

  • Creative Writing:

    Imagine and describe a future in which people can live to 800 and can improve their bodies and minds either organically or technologically. A future in which human consciousness can be uploaded into computer networks or robots. A future in which artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence, and there will be a possibility of fusing the two together.

  • What kind of society would it be?

  • What are the dangers? What are the benefits?

  • What problems and moral dilemmas would they face?

  • If you were the ruler, what laws would you put in place?

  • Would you like to be part of such reality?