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Pastor Leaves PowerPoint Presentation
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Pastor Leaves

Pastor Leaves

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Pastor Leaves

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  1. Transitional Interim Pastor New Pastor Leading a church from Anxiety to Anticipation Anticipation Implementation Pastor Leaves Know the Path Planning Know the Plan Assessment Renewal Interim Decision Know Your Church Know Your Community Anxiety Know God

  2. NCS 2008 Overview For the NCS TIPS Team Larry McKain, Executive Director

  3. Why We Do What We Do at NCS • Unchurched lady…in row #6, the MFG • We cooperate with the Holy Spirit • Possibility of a “divine moment” • E-devotional changes an attitude… • In a training event, a leader “sees” and begins “thinking” differently…

  4. We Are Recipients of God’s Favor “We don’t deserve it, but for some sovereign reason, God has chosen to bestow His favor on our work. It is not just because we’re good, or professional, or our team is gifted or we’re good communicators, or competent, or growing in our fields. There are many people in the world that are gifted and competent...”

  5. We Are Recipients of God’s Favor What is happening in the ministry of NCS ultimately is because God has chosen to grant us favor with Him and with other people. It’s not something WE create, it is something He chooses to give. This is why we will always hold the ministry He gives to us, lightly…

  6. An Entire Team Report This overview reflects the favor of God and the activity of the entire NCS Team (our GREATEST asset). This past year 72staff people made all the multiple ministries of NCS happen. Here is a chart of our staff growth year by year.

  7. 9 Year Growth of NCS Staff Includes 12 Cowboy Church Coaches

  8. NCS Mission Statement “To assist the starting and strengthening of churches worldwide.”

  9. A Multitude of Services In achieving our mission and living out our values, over the past 9 ½ years, NCS as been able to develop a multitude of services and training designed to meet the needs of our clients and partners.

  10. Ability to Adapt and Change In the ever-changing world of church consulting, one of the key characteristics of NCS success has been our ability to adapt and change to meet people’s needs.

  11. NCS Vision– After 9 Years… “NCS continues to mature as a 21st century organization. With multiple locations, we have emerged as a full-service, non-profit church consulting ministry, committed to deliver excellent service with a high degree of effectiveness,

  12. NCS Vision – After 9 Years… …while having very minimal building maintenance and no centralized location. The glue that ties NCS together is our mission, our core values and the trust relationships we have as a team. Our visioncontinues to emerge as we seek to walk through the doors God opens before us.

  13. Transitional Interim Pastor Services • Ron Greeno has been responsible • For every person who applies, we • are turning 8-10 away… • We have placed 11 TIPS to date • There is no “intentional interim • system” like it anywhere…!

  14. NCS Core Values: L.E.A.D.E.R. L – Loyalty to the Church – We will love the imperfect church. E – Excellence in Service – We aim to build raving fans. A – Appreciation for Other’s Investment – Others have helped us succeed.

  15. NCS Core Values: L.E.A.D.E.R. D - Decentralization of Ministry – We operate with high trust and no turf. E – Extraordinary Living – Integrity built on long-term faithfulness. R – Reliance on God - God is the source of our ministry.

  16. NCS Core Values: L.E.A.D.E.R. L – Loyaltyto the Church – We will love the imperfect church. (Eph 5:25-27) NCS Behaviors: 1. We never criticize denominations or churches that are imperfect. 2. We will teach people to be loyal to their local church & denominational family. 3. We will support the vision of denominational & judicatory leaders. 4. We will teach a biblical doctrine of ecclesiology.

  17. NCS Core Values: L.E.A.D.E.R. E – Excellencein Service – We aim to build raving fans. (Mark 7:37) NCS Behaviors: 1. We have decided on a very clear but developing vision. 2. We discover what the client needs. 3. We discover what the client needs – and deliver plus one percent!

  18. NCS Core Values: L.E.A.D.E.R. A – Appreciationfor Other’s Investment – Others have helped us succeed. NCS Behaviors:1. Appreciation in public and private to others of early NCS partners. 2. Personal verbal appreciation expressed directly to NCS judicatory founders, donors, etc. who have helped pioneer and support our beginnings. (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

  19. NCS Core Values: L.E.A.D.E.R. D - Decentralizationof Ministry – We operate with high trust and no turf. NCS Behaviors:1. We empower & delegate authority to NCS staff and coaches. 2. We do not protect organizational turf. 3. We are constantly looking for good people to add to the NCS team. 4. We nurture an environment that constantly stretches people to reach their full potential on the NCS team. (John 16:7; Matt 9:36-38; 1 Sam 14:52)

  20. NCS Core Values: L.E.A.D.E.R. E – ExtraordinaryLiving – Integrity built on long-term faithfulness. NCS Behaviors:1. Accountability structures for Staff Character Development. 2. Maintaining a personal relationship with Jesus a HIGH priority! 3. Accountability structures for financial integrity through professional audits (1 Chronicles 29:17; Luke 16:10)

  21. NCS Core Values: L.E.A.D.E.R. R – Relianceon God - God is the source of our ministry. NCS Behaviors:1. Practicing a clear Intercession Strategy personally 2. Scripturally driven and saturated in everything we do 3. Regularly communicating the need for “divine moments” 4. Emphasizing the maintaining a spirit of brokenness & repentance (James 1:17; Job 1:21; Psalm 75:5-6; Jeremiah 17:5,7)

  22. What we do at NCS is capture, catalogue and communicate the bestpractices in building healthy church multiplication movements

  23. Movement Definitions . . . • NewStart- the start of a brand new church, anglo, ethnic, multi-cultural, etc. • ReStart- starting a new church using a former building and/or remnant group of people. The denomination is usually involved, the former church leadership team is dissolved, a new team is formed, and then much like a NewStart.

  24. Movement Definitions . . . • ReFocusing- the process of re-capturing the vision & heart of Jesus from an “inward” to “outward” focus • Parenting - taking personal ownership of a NewStart or ReStart project to multiply the kingdom, may be 1 church or a group of churches together

  25. Movement Definitions . . . • Climate- the prevailing attitude toward church health and church multiplication held by a critical mass of lay and pastoral leaders

  26. “How to” “Want to” Frustration Personnel Training Finances Vision Knowledge Passion Desire Resources page 133 Fruitlessness Futility Climate Interdependence Strategy/Structures Agenda Harmony Our Learning About Effective Healthy Church Movements “Get to”

  27. Ten “Big Rocks” of Healthy Integrated Church Multiplication with NCS Partners Best Practices Church Health Strategy Goals Parent Church Coaching NewStart NCU ReStart NCU ReFocus NCU Denom Ldrs Train Agenda Harmony Recruit Assess

  28. “Best Practices” Relationships pp 114-124 Parenting NewStart – RS Church Action Plans (Proverbs 16:9) Contextualization ReFocusing

  29. No Church Left Behind Recruitment Assessment ReFocusing ReStarts Parent Churches Coaching Church Health Agenda Harmony Recruitment Assessment Coaching NewStarts Church Health Training & Resources New Churches Existing Churches Healthy Church Multiplication pp 171-185

  30. We must pay attention to Hispanics!

  31. Universidad Nuvea Iglesia Indianapolis, Indiana

  32. New Church University April 3-7, 2006 – Naivasha, Kenya NCS now working in 11 countries.

  33. Eight NCS National Training Events: • New Church University • Changing the Climate Training • National Coach’s Training • Annual Coaches Gathering • Annual Senior Consultant’s Gathering • Church Health / Assessment Training • Transitional Interim Pastors Training • Behavior Assessment Training

  34. Comments From Pastors Last Year The comments included in the notebook are just a sample of dozens of endorsement paragraphs we receive each year. They were lifted directly from the feedback sheets we ask people to fill out, who attended New Church University training.

  35. NCS Support Staff & Their Offices: • NCS would not be a success without an • incredibly dedicated support staff. • Jolyne Bartley, our Administrative Assistant • Denise McKain, oversees our Bookkeeping Office • Jana Starner, Church Health & • Church Assessments Office • Jeanette Trotter, Behavioral Assessments

  36. NCS Offices Kansas City, MO Larry McKain Mesa, AZ Lonnie Bullock Greenwood, IN Charles Lake Philadelphia, PA Larry Cook Coaching Tim Gates Events Darla Elliott

  37. Expanding NCS Senior Consultants: To continue expanding the ministry of NCS, we know we need to keep increasing our consulting capacity. That is why we are committed to adding new consultants. We now have 30Senior Consultants, an increase of 18 since 2005. As we hire each consultant, our training and systems are put into operation, they are tested and they continue to improve.

  38. NCS Senior Consultants 2008 Rev. Tim Gates Rev. Stephen Gray Rev. Ron Greeno Rev. Doug Hanner Dr. L.D. Holmes Dr. Bob Huffaker Bishop Lindsay Jones Dr. Charles Lake Dr. Peggy Stark-Wilson Dr. Keith Wright Rev. John Anderson Dr. Jim Bearden Bud Bennett Rev. David Bennett Rev. Jose Cardona Rev. Larry Cook Rev. Mark Copley Dr. Dan Croy Rev Jim Dodson Dr. Franklin Dumond

  39. Growth of NCS Senior Consultants Grew from 21 to 30 Consultants

  40. Consulting Capacity & Servicing • The keys to our future in our ministry to our clients and partners is two-fold: • 1) to increase our consulting capacity • 2) to continue to improve the quality of • our service! We have a GREAT and growing team of NCS Senior Consultants!

  41. Growth of On-Site Consulting Days 402 932 1,052 1,209

  42. A big thank you to Lonnie Bullock for all of his work on the web upgrade!

  43. NCS Local Church Services… • This includes such services as Church Health Surveys, Full Local Church Assessments, Strategic Planning Week-ends, Mediation & Conflict Resolution Services, Large Church Consulting and Church Health Consulting Services. • To Date we have serviced over 1200 churches in Church Health Consulting

  44. NCS Expands Partnership Servicing: • NCS served 61 Judicatories & Denominations, 47 Partners and 14 others who used NCS but didn’t pay a Partner Fee • As NCS continues to grow, we have developed new levels of Partner Servicing to meet our Partners needs. • We have identified 5 different levels of partnership

  45. Growth of Total Coaching Contracts Total: 453 13 27 48 33 70 72 58 60 72

  46. NCS International Research Project In January of 2007, NCS began research on Global Church Planting Movements. Encouraged by Dr. Louie Bustle & Dr. Daniel Ketchum, the goal was to visit, study & write about Church Planting Movements in 10 countries: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sudan, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Angola, Brazil, Guatemala & China.

  47. NCS Revenue By Denomination 15denominations served this year Totals: Dec 1, 2007 – Nov 30, 2008

  48. NCS Revenue Sources – 2008 Increase: 20% - $183,404 Total: $ 1,091,188

  49. Amount of NCS Donated Services Total: $ 803,060