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Service provider. €. Cient. Service provider. 100% consultancy. K-map. Human capital. I-map. Client. Structural capital. 100% information. Strategic taxonomy. The 3.0 business development Positioning exclusive intelligence in the heart of the client dialogue is made into a strong

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  1. Service provider € Cient

  2. Service provider 100% consultancy K-map Human capital I-map Client Structural capital 100% information Strategic taxonomy

  3. The 3.0 business development Positioning exclusive intelligence in the heart of the client dialogue is made into a strong tool in busisness sustainabilty and development. Multi-channeled and content rich, it outplays conservative connections via partners or accountmanagers. Strong revenues and Market responses show the way ahead for Governments how to plan for e-Government 3.0 Service Industry 100% consultancy Market intelligence & Social Media Based Client exclusive Interface K-map Client Human capital I-map Structural capital 100% information

  4. Four levels of clientrelation engagement: Clientrelation 1.0 : Traditional Client Relation Client Servprov e Clientrelation 2.0: e Engaged (interested) Servprov Client e Clientrelation 3.0: e Participating (dialogue) Servprov Client e Clientrelation 4.0: e Initiating (partnering) Servprov Client

  5. Differentiation of addedvalue of connectedclients A B C D > > > The decision maker(Budget) Red The influencer(incl. hipo’s) Orange Client team member Blue Client employee Violet 100% 75% 25% 5%

  6. II Addedvalue of 3.0 I 1 REV To contribute in order thatrevenue is SUSTAINED at currentclients, at current levels, despiteeconomicsorcompetition. To contributetowardsdevelopment of additionalrevenue at currentclientswithinone product group. 2 REV IV 4 III REV 3 REV To contributetowardsdevelopment of additionalrevenue at currentclientswithin other product groups, CROSS SELLING. To contributetowards the creation of revenue at NEWclients

  7. Service 1 Service 33 Fourlevels of engagement: Service 2 Service 4 Clientrelation 1.0 : Traditional ClientRelation Relation % A, B, C, D 1,0 e Clientrelation 2.0: E- Engaged Relation % A, B, C, D 2,0 e Clientrelation 3.0: E- Participating Relation % A, B, C, D 3,0 e Clientrelation 4.0: E- Initiating Relation % A, B, C, D 4,0

  8. Locations of past criminal events • The 3.0 Police force • By combing datasets from different gov. • organizations, local maps have been visualized. • Police planning is enhanced • Decisions are made more rapidly . • Risks on flaws are reduced. • Face time or Street time is increased • Direct public access to maps is controlled • Improvement of security & • Proven reduction of crime figures Income & education Debt and refinance data Ex conduct / rehab locations Children in social care Youth hangout area’s Pubs, disco’s, high schools, temp. events Topographic map Controlled Access Multiple Sources

  9. Etc. Stakeholder monitoring Trade & industry Opinions Schiphol airport Daily papers websites Elsevier Grey lit logistics aviation HP/de tijd trade NRC VK VN FD Politics National govt Local govt Investors Airlines Suppliers Passengers Environmental groups Staff

  10. 7 Feasibilities 1 4 14 15 • Anxxxxamide • BeexxN • Cheexxxxing Enzyme • Cholxxxxxxxptide • Labelxxxxxflavours • Deexxxxaste • NovxxxxPrebiotic • Lysxxxxdase • Mooxxxx Peptides • Mxxxx • Nytaxxxxxxxxxxnanas • Nxxxxxn for flxxxerbxxxxs • Nooxxxxxxxredients • Waxxxxxnding • Glxxxxxxxxpment new new new 2 exist 10 8 9 13 new new 3 5 6 Intermed. new exist exist new new 1 4 2 5 7 9 exist 14 capability 12 15 10 11 3 product 6 8 13 12 11 market

  11. Strategic intelligence Informed decisions Stakeholder intelligence Interface BI mgt. responsibility Info-S responsibility (visualisation, interaction, capturing) Supplier Intelligence Business Intelligence Customer Int. Client of client (CRM) (sourcing) (core process) Resource Intelligence Competitor Intelligence Market intelligence Knowledge base (KM) future Media Intelligence (comm.&PR) Science current Past Technology research Core process (business, environment, political) Stakeholder intelligence

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