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  1. NOTICE! • These materials are prepared only for the students enrolled in the course Distributed Software Development (DSD) at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Mälardalen, Västerås, Sweden and at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, Croatia (year 2003/2004). • For all other purposes, authors’ written permission is needed! • The purpose of these materials is to help students in better understanding of lectures in DSD and not their replacement!

  2. Selected Topics in Software Engineering-Distributed Software Development

  3. The Interactive Museum Team Presents: Interactive Museum Project Current state

  4. What we will talk about? • Introduction • Current status for : • Mote network • Main Application • PDA Application • Server Application • Web Application • Web Service • Database • System demonstration • Project status update

  5. Mote network Tested and functional Meets (almost) every requirement Static mote startup / shutdown support pending Additional feature Ability to increase / decrease dynamic mote radio range

  6. Mote network – potential problems Corruption of data packets sent over radio Very rare, but present Considering potential solutions: Protecting radio packets with CRC Implementation of safe communication protocol

  7. Mote server Propagation of mote network events to the PDA server Three main parts: MoteIF PDASignaller MoteServerGui

  8. MoteIF Application – level access point to the mote network Receives messages from the mote network, and forwards them to listeners Sends messages from applications to motes in network

  9. PDASignaller Listens for messages On message receive passes it to the PDA server Communication realized using RPC

  10. Mote server class diagram

  11. Mote server GUI Used to start / stop the mote communication bridge Ability to control dynamic mote radio range Captures raw packets for display and storing Simulator Communication with PDA server

  12. Mote server – GUI look

  13. Simulator Under development Ability to simulate mote network Replay of previously stored messages Introduced because of practical reasons Simplifying test of the rest of the system

  14. Mote server GUI – RAW view

  15. Client & Server Overview

  16. PDA Application Windows Mobile 5 Version Will be implemented by using the Windows NT/XP version code Windows NT/XP Version Server connectivity Supports XHTML content To Do Implement the rest of the required functionalities Implement video streaming if possible

  17. Server Application PDA Connector Supports XHTML content Supports multiple clients Mote Connector Currently supports Enter messages from motes (not Leave messages) Will be rebuild as a Windows Service

  18. Server Application cont. Web Service Connector Supports some Web Service methods To Do Implement the rest of the required functionalities Implement video streaming if possible

  19. Web Application Live demonstration

  20. Web Services • Exposes methods to create and update database • Takes care of Database Caching • (Applications should still cache returned values as well, to preserve network bandwidth) • Can manage security • Encryption (SSL) • Authorization and Authentication

  21. Database • Only allows execution of Stored Procedures, to be able to enforce data integrity (no Ad Hoc) • Changed from MySQL 5.0 to Sql Server Express 2005 • Also free to use • Long support for Stored Procedures

  22. WS / DB State • Current State of Web Services • All (43) current methods implemented and undergoing extensive testing • May be extended if new information is needed • Current State of the Database • All (46) Stored Procedures implemented and deep in testing phase • Database populated with test data

  23. System demonstration Live demonstration

  24. Project Status Communication Group skype meetings – twice a week Last week Monday and Thursday This week Tuesday for now Individual meetings (any time, any day) CVS server : up and running Gradually adjusting to it Transferred all data from SVN server

  25. Project Status Communication General info Communication between team members is good and regular Also : Starting to use virtual machine SQL server is installed

  26. Project Status Comments / Experiences / Problems Switched from MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition No problems For now – hope it will stay in that way We are pleased to say that everything is going as planned

  27. Project Status Project Cost A bit outside planned

  28. Project Status Overall project status: on track Time schedule: on track

  29. Project Status Activity plan: on track Finished Next week Future

  30. Questions?