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Solution to Road Kill Problem

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Solution to Road Kill Problem

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Solution to Road Kill Problem

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  1. Solution to Road Kill Problem How can car manufacturers redesign the car for less road kill?

  2. I assume here that costs are not important but reaching the goal is all-important ("What would Croesus Do?")

  3. Creativity Tool:Use Google Image Search to view various images to generate ideas and associations in a Brain Storming fashion

  4. Creativity Tool:General idea: If we need to make x equal to y, we can bring x closer to y, y closer to x, or both.If x < y and we need to make x even smaller than y, we can make x smaller, y bigger or both.

  5. This Creativity Tool invites us to turn our problem upside down: Where we earlier looked at it from the perspective of x it allows us to look at it from the perspective of y.

  6. Creativity Tool:If normally A is inside B, can we put B inside A?If normally A is on top of B, can we put B on top of A?

  7. §1 The Department of Transportation has required a reduction by 50% of road kill of mammals larger than three inches long.

  8. Too small to be concerned about

  9. In the target group of mammals

  10. Skunk

  11. Opossum

  12. Deer

  13. §2 In any potential car/mammal road kill we can keep the car away from the mammal, the mammal away from the car, or make an accident less severe so that there is no damage or death.

  14. §3 Solutions where we keep to mammal away from the car: scare mammal by adding sound or smell to the car design.

  15. §4 Keeping mammal away from car by sound Clash of Deer and Man Tests Public Ingenuity

  16. • "Based on the knowledge of ultrasonic frequency coupled with observed field testing of various animal species, it is highly unlikely that an ultrasonic signal produced by the whistle devices would reach a deer at a decibel level such that it would be detected even at ten meters, much less than the 300 to 400 meters claimed."

  17. • ”[A] supervisor for an Arkansas utility came up with his own plan to scare deer off dark country roads. He taped the barking of his neighbors' dogs, rigged an amplified speaker to the front of his truck and then broadcast the tape as he cruised down highways.”Clash of Deer and Man Tests Public Ingenuity

  18. • “In northern states, the salt-drive phenomenon also causes deer to frequent roadsides as they search for residue from winter road-salting operations.” ==> Car design cannot carry the whole load.

  19. •The asphalt surface of paved roads retains heat and can act as an ecological trap for reptiles that seek warm conditions to raise their body temperature. Road-kill of reptiles warming up on roads has long been recognized as a significant source of mortality for some populations (Barbour 1944 cited in Harris and Scheck 1991).Harris, L.D. and J. Scheck. 1991. From implications to applications: the dispersal corridor principle applied to the conservation of biological diversity, pp. 189-208, in D.A. Saunders and R. Hobbs, eds. Natural Conservation 2: The Role of Corridors. Surrey Beatty & Sons.

  20. §5 Keeping mammal away from car • On roof, detection camera with intelligent image recognition software and high powered smell spray with mountain lion urine or other deterrent smell from a predator.

  21. • Volume 34(1), Wildlife Society Bulletin, Role of Predator Odor in Roost Site Selection of Southern Flying Squirrels."Squirrels spent significantly less time overnight in nest boxes scented with fox squirrel (Sciurus niger) fur, bobcat (Lynx rufus) fur, red fox (Vulpes vulpes) urine, raccoon (Procyon lotor) fur, king snake (Lampropeltis getula), and corn snake (Elaphe guttata) than unscented (control) boxes."

  22. "Shake-Away Fox Urine Powderblends the effectiveness of fox urine with our patent-pending powder formula, to create the safest, simplest, most effective, 100% organic method to keep pesky animals away. Fox urine powder works longer, smells stronger, and won't soak into the ground, evaporate or freeze like liquid fox urine.

  23. The following images suggest to me that we need to radically rethink the “car,” move the bulky part of it away from the animal so that the animal can less easily hit the “car.”

  24. Result of a deer/car meeting of ways

  25. Another deer/car meeting of ways

  26. §6 Solutions where we keep to car away from the mammal: put car on stilts so “car” can “step” over animals

  27. In the next series of images I get better acquainted with the world of stilts.

  28. These two images reminded me of the concept of Biomimicry, a new discipline that studies nature’s best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems.

  29. These images told me that stilts have been used by humans for various purposes and gave me added confidence that I may be onto something

  30. Then I started to view some videos with stilts in robotics



  33. Segway

  34. Carbon Fiber Lightweight Body

  35. §7 Or solutions where we … have car hover on a cushion of air, or using new, unproven, anti-gravity technology and move around propelled by heli-blades.