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Discussion with College of Saint Rose Marcus Duyzend Microsoft

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Discussion with College of Saint Rose Marcus Duyzend Microsoft - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Discussion with College of Saint Rose Marcus Duyzend Microsoft. About Me. Multinational devices and services company Headquartered in Redmond, WA (near Seattle) Over 90,000 employees globally.

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Discussion with

College of Saint Rose

Marcus Duyzend


Multinational devices and services company
  • Headquartered in Redmond, WA (near Seattle)
  • Over 90,000 employees globally.
  • Diverse range of products, from Xbox to Dynamics; Visual Studio to; Windows Azure to Arc Mouse; and a whole lot more
  • Large academic research division in addition to the product groups
  • Mission: To enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential.
skype division
Skype Division
  • Microsoft’s communications division
  • Globally Distributed – no head office.
    • Main offices in Estonia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States
    • Executives distributed across locations
  • Over 2000 employees
  • Mission: To be the global communications provider that billions of people depend on every day for sharing experiences.
Part of Microsoft’s Online Services Division, which also includes MSN, Microsoft Advertising, and others
  • The first Microsoft-built search engine launched in 2004. There have been several rebrandings since; the Bing brand launched in 2009.
  • ~3000 engineering staff in Bing
  • OSD Mission: To Empower People with Knowledge
scrum overview
Scrum - Overview
  • Two-week iterations, called sprints.
  • Product is releasable at the end of each sprint
  • Three roles: Product owner, scrum master, team member
    • Product owner is responsible for maintaining the product backlogin priority order
    • Team is responsible for completing the tasks taken into the sprint, and for communicating any impediments to the scrum master
    • Scrum master is responsible for ensuring the team is not impeded
  • Typically 3-8 team members.
scrum grooming
Scrum - Grooming
  • Typically once a week
  • Product owner’s time to interact with the team – can use it however he or she wishes
  • Most often used to estimate the complexity of items in the product backlog (possibly breaking them down into subtasks in doing so). This is done in story points.
scrum sprint planning
Scrum – Sprint planning
  • Product owner presents the top of the product backlog to the team
  • Team takes in as many items off the top of the product backlog as it has capacity for
    • Capacity is determined by the team’s average velocity over the past few sprints
  • Estimation and other grooming-like activities can also take place during this meetingif necessary to plan the sprint
  • Once agreed to, the sprint plan is fixed. Any additional items must wait until the next sprint.
    • The exception to this is high-priority bug fixes, which are taken immediately.
scrum daily standups
Scrum – Daily Standups
  • Team members get together each morning and briefly state the following:
    • Yesterday, I helped the team by …
    • Today, I will help the team by …
    • I have/do not have impediments to my work on sprint tasks. (If yes, details)
    • I have/have not become aware of any emergent requirements to complete sprint tasks. (If yes, details)
    • I am/am not confident about the team successfully completing the sprint. (If not, concerns)
  • Typically the sprint task board is displayed during the standup
scrum retrospective
Scrum – Retrospective
  • Team members provide feedback to each other and to scrum master on what went well this sprint and what didn’t go so well, and develop an action plan to make future sprints even better

Scrum – Sprint Review

  • Team members demo the results of the sprint to the product owner
my details
My details

Marcus Duyzend

Email: [email protected]

Skype: mmduyzend