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Dolphinarium Varna Presentation
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  1. Dolphinarium Varna Presentation Le royaume des dauphins

  2. The kingdom of the dolphins • The only dolphinarium on the Balkan peninsula is truly one of the most funny attractions which Varna offers to its guests. In the show the visitors can be convinced that dolphins are incredibly intelligent creatures. An interesting fact is that in 1992 a little dolphin was born in the dolphinarium.This was a sign that the sea mammals are well acclimatized in their new home.

  3. The Varna dolphinarium is a modern building with original architecture, made of aluminum and glass, situated in the northern part of the Varna Sea Garden.

  4. Opened for visitations on the 2nd of August 1984, the Varna Dolphinarium has 1134 seats. The size of the pool is 12 to 15 meters and 6 meters in depth. It’s being filled with water by a special pump system. The water comes from Black Sea from 150-160 meters away of the shore and 3-6 meters in depth, where it’s most clean. It is being processed before it gets into the pool.

  5. In the shows you can watch the dolphins doing acrobatics, double saults, triple axle, balancing and dancing on the water. For 30 minutes you will be a guest in the world of the dolphins – full of emotions and surprises. The tricks are performed by the fascinating dolphins of the TURSIOPS TRUNCATOS species, named Kimbo, Dolly, Poly, Joanne and Bimbo, brought from Caribbean Sea, and the little dolphin born in the Varna. In the cosy atmosphere of the underwater bar you can watch the games of the dolphins through huge glasses.

  6. End Made by: Petya Kraeva Kaloyan Kamenov 12”g” class :)