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Current Affairs

Current Affairs

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Current Affairs

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  1. Current Affairs

  2. Knife Crime/Gang culture Research shows that if you carry a weapon, you are more likely to: • Be attacked or threatened by others who use weapons • Be arrested by the police • kill or injure yourself badly with your weapon • Hurt innocent people • Be charged with murder through joint enterprise if you're at a place where someone is killed, even if you weren't carrying the weapon.

  3. How does this link to these pictures?

  4. Mob/Herd Mentality... Mob mentality describes a behavior in which people act the same way or adopt similar behaviors as the people around them — often ignoring their own feelings in the process. Think of a sheep blindly following the flock no matter where they go just because that’s what the herd is doing. A lot of research has been conducted into the mindset of a mob/group: Being part of a group can destroy people's inhibitions, making them do things they'd never otherwise do. They lose their individual values and principles and adopt the group's principles, which, during a emotionally charged situation, are usually to cause disruption and result in bad behaviour.

  5. How can this be turned into a positive though? What can you as a group do to work together to get a positive response? How can you influence a group positively? What happens when a group works together towards a common goal?

  6. Y10 Rugby Success Semi Final: 12-28 v Samuel Whitbread Quarter Final: 22-13 v Ullswater Last 16: 19-7 v Bishop of Hereford Round 4: 46-0 v Welland Park Round 3: 36-0 v Bablake Round 2: 50-0 at Fairfax Round 1: 50-0 at Kenilworth “Arden Academy’s quality at their disposal was clear, and against all they would cause huge problems. Unfortunately for them, despite their determination & hard work, they came up against one of the very best.

  7. Why were they so successful? One collective team effort Everyone had a common goal Confident the person next to them would make the right choice Knew the difference between good choices and bad choices in the game Didn’t want to let each other down

  8. Tutorial Worship This week’s current affairs theme touched on ‘Knife Crime’ As the country battles with a growing epidemic we would like you to help us look for a solution/strategy to stop knife crime. • What ideas/strategies do you have to reduce Knife Crime? • How would you ensure this is effective? • What could stop your strategy from being effective? • How would you overcome this? Discuss as a group your ideas and discuss which ideas you feel would be the most/least effective and why?