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Grant writing: A Reality Check PowerPoint Presentation
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Grant writing: A Reality Check

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Grant writing: A Reality Check
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Grant writing: A Reality Check

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  1. Grant writing: A Reality Check

  2. Grant writing is a professional application process to request funding and support certain activities by various organisations be it government, corporation or trusts. • These applications are sometimes referred to as grant proposals or submissions because they contain information regarding grantsmanship. The success of grants is dependent on the grant writing itself. It should be able to reach the right audience and have a comprehensible writing. • Numerous organisations and institutions offer grants, scholarships, fellowships, experimental grants, technical assistance grants and much more. The government agencies, private institutions, corporations or even individuals provide them. The details are publicized online on the websites which define the purpose, applications, cost, and nature of the program. 

  3. There are certain criterions on which the evaluation of grants take place: Audience analysis: this means that a grant proposal should be in sync with the mission and interests of the organisation. Better adaptation to the culture and awareness. The language should be simple, sans grammatical errors and short sentences. Use of graphs and diagrams helps in better understanding of the proposal.

  4. Purpose analysis: after careful discussion of the proposal, the project is carried out by the team, writing future steps. Drafting and formatting: a proposal also involves a proper structure that walks the executives through it. The first part is a summary of a grant proposal which briefly outlines the problems, solutions, outcomes, etc. Second, is Introduction, which identifies the problems or opportunities? Third, the plan of work; how the problems can be solved and actions involved. Fourth, the cost of the project. It enlists an outline on the estimated expenses. Fifth, qualification and experience of the people participating in the work plan.

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