the natural beauty of kerala n.
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The Natural Beauty of Kerala PowerPoint Presentation
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The Natural Beauty of Kerala

The Natural Beauty of Kerala

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The Natural Beauty of Kerala

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  1. The Natural Beauty of Kerala

  2. Kerala - famously known as “Gods own country” - gets to enjoy unique geographical features that were successful in making it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. The long shoreline dotted with plantations and paddy fields along with an equable climate helps make Kerala become one of the most surreal states of India. Kerala – an epitome of true natural beauty

  3. The beaches, the hills, the beautiful green landscapes, the list goes on and on. From the enormous lakes like Ashtamundi to the drenched rainforests of Silent Valley, Kerala is a perfect example of what is to be known as boundless beauty of nature. Blessed with several thousand species of plants, animals and birds, the biodiversity that Kerala has to offer is much greater than any other state of India. What makes Kerala so special?

  4. There are various Kerala tourism companies that make sure you get to enjoy the true natural beauty of this state. So make sure you select the perfect one that properly takes care of all your tourism-related needs. • 1) Kerala Backwaters • The Backwaters is home to some of the most wonderful and serene waterways, estuaries, and lakes • Leafy plants, shrubs, Palm trees along the sides of backwaters provide the environment a green tinge • Kerala is also home to some of the most unique variety of aquatic life such as mudskippers, kingfishers, and even turtles

  5. 2) Varkala • Varkala is sure to take your breath away, with the wide stretching cliffs along with the beautiful views overlooking the Arabian Sea • Nestling at the bottom of the cliff is the famous sparkling beach, which is accessible only by foot • Make sure to come especially in March to early April in order to catch the temple festival Varkala Beach

  6. 3) Munnar The hill-station of Munnar is famous for its sprawling tea plantations The tea museum here is well renowned, and a visit here is a must To enjoy some paragliding, adventure enthusiasts will love to trek over to Anamudi, which stands as the highest peak in south India Munnar – Tea plantations

  7. Aside from these places, there are several other beautiful locations in Kerala with undying natural beauty and culture to cherish. And also, let’s not forget the fantastic cuisine with delicious seafood coconut-based south Indian fare that is sure to set your taste-buds tingling.