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Physiological effects of massage PowerPoint Presentation
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Physiological effects of massage

Physiological effects of massage

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Physiological effects of massage

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  1. Massage therapy is the best relaxation technique that would help in relieving body pain, maintain blood pressure and offers relaxation to both body and mind.

  2. The study of the physical and mental health of the various organs of the body is called as human physiology. The massage therapy offers amazing physiological benefits.

  3. Thai Massage therapy offers various physiological benefits to the various organs which include the circulatory system, respiratory system, endocrine system, urinary system, etc.

  4. Massage therapy is an ideal treatment for increasing the flexibility of muscles and avoids the problem of stiffness and muscle knots.

  5. Massage therapy is a perfect treatment when you suffer from body aches due to a vigorous workout. It also helps to reduce swelling and cramps

  6. Proper sleep is essential for the physiology of your body. With regular massage therapy, one can adjust the sleep pattern, and this can make you sleep better.

  7. Massage therapy aids in offering specific physiological effects to the complex system of your body. It strengthens the various correlated organs of the body

  8. Toxins get deposited in certain areas of your body due to the strain that you offer. Body Massage therapy helps in moving the toxins to the bloodstream and dispose of them.

  9. Your range of motion becomes restricted due to limited mobility of your body. Massage therapy offers the required stretch and flexibility to your body muscles.

  10. Massage therapy has a direct effect in treating various health issues caused in particular organs of your body without the use of medicines.

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