cs 101 introduction to computers n.
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CS 101 - Introduction to computers PowerPoint Presentation
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CS 101 - Introduction to computers

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CS 101 - Introduction to computers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CS 101 - Introduction to computers. Textbook . Foundations of Computer Science By Behrouz Forouzan and Firouz Mosharraf 2 nd Edition. NOTE: you have to study from the textbook . website. http://pnu-cs101.wikispaces.com/. In website: You will find every thing you need:. Email.

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CS 101 - Introduction to computers

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Foundations of Computer Science

By BehrouzForouzan and FirouzMosharraf

2nd Edition

NOTE: you have to study from the textbook.

  • http://pnu-cs101.wikispaces.com/
in website you will find every thing you need
In website: You will find every thing you need:
  • Email.
  • Office hours.Please, respect prayer time break and office hours.
  • RULES and NOTES:you’re responsible to read it.
  • The course outline.
  • Marks.
  • Quizes and midterms.
  • Announcements: you’re responsible to check it regularly.
rules of email messages
Rules of email messages
  • Only @pnu.edu.sa is accepted.
  • Write your message in English or paschal Arabic(NOTin slang Arabic).
  • In Email Subject, you have to write:
    • Section# - full Name – brief description for the email , for example:1C2 – Nora AlAhmad – about lecture time1W2 – Sara AlAli – about quiz 1
    • In general, subject should summarize the message.
rules of email messages1
Rules of email messages
  • Any email contains more than one ????? !!!!! , or هاااااااااااام or أرجو الرد,or any impolitewill not be replied.
  • Violating one of the above rules, email will not be opened or replied.
rules of attendance absence
Rules of attendance & absence
  • Do not be late ,you have ONLY 10 minutes to attend the class. Otherwise, you will be marked as absent.
  • leaving the class(for more than 10 Minutes) you will be recorded as absent.
  • using mobile in the class, you will be recorded as absent.
rules of attendance absence1
Rules of attendance & absence
  • If your class is 2 hours, you have attended only one hour, you will be recorded as absent for 1 hour.
  • Having exam or quiz for other course in the same time of your class, you will be recorded as absent(even if you bring an excuse from your Instructor).
rules of attendance absence2
Rules of attendance & absence
  • if I (the Instructor) late, you have to wait. If the class is 1 hour, you have to wait 15 minutes. If the class is 2 hours, you have to wait 30 minutes.
  • Don’t ask me about your absence dates, or the number of absence dates, I will never told you, you have to know your absence dates.
rules of conduct
Rules of Conduct

‍Don’t distract the students. I don’t insist that you pay attention, but you must allow others to participate. This means:

  • Do not distract others with conversation.
  • Do not distract others with your mobile.
  • Do not distract others by using your laptop in front of the class.
  • If you snore, I will wake you up.
deprivation system
Deprivation System
  • http://www.pnu.edu.sa/en/Deanships/PreparatoryYear/Pages/Deprivation-System-.aspx
  • The student is Prohibited from continuing in the regular course, and denied entry to the final exam and is given a deprived estimate (h, DN) in the course if the proportion of absence without an excuse or with an excuse from the lectures and practical lessons exceeds 25%
quiz midterm absence
Quiz/Midterm Absence
  • No make-up quizzesBe sure about that when you miss any quiz during the semester, you will not have another opportunities to take it again (it means zero).
  • No make-up midterm will be permitted unless an approved sick leave(from governmental hospital) is submitted no later than one week after the midterm.
  • Not late submission even if you’re absent.
  • No late submission for homework/project, if you will do that you will get ZERO.
cheating policy
Cheating Policy
  • All homework/quiz/test will be manually compared against each other.
  • All parties involved in cheating will be prosecuted no matter who copied from whom. It is your duty to keep your homework/quiz/test secure.
  • Copying from another student will result in a ZERO for all involved students.
important note about
Important note about

bad behavior !