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Ud’Anet L.t.d.

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LLP Programme Knowledge Alliances “Collaborative Reformation of Curricula on Resilience Management with Intelligent Systems in Open Source and Augmented Reality” 14th April – 16 April 2014 Bologna Kick off meeting Christian Sciarretta Ud’Anet s.r.l. Ud’Anet L.t.d.

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LLP Programme Knowledge Alliances“Collaborative Reformation of Curricula on Resilience Management with Intelligent Systems in Open Source and Augmented Reality”14th April – 16 April 2014 BolognaKick off meetingChristian SciarrettaUd’Anet s.r.l.

Ud’Anet L.t.d.



Ud’Anet is a technology spin-off from the “Gabriele D’Annunzio” University (Chieti, Abruzzo- Italy), founded in 2005, oriented towards designing and providing ICT technologies, digital applications and multimedia products for the world of

University, scientific research, public administrations and Third

Sector organizations.

Ud’Anet can offer specific skills, expertise and services in the field of: e-learning; internet & intranet

(planning websites, thematic web portals and multimodal applications for services delivery); virtual

and augmented reality and interactive laboratories (three- dimensional virtual environment for laboratory simulation)interactive television (interactive solutions for the digital terrestrial television); graphic & web design(design and production), web game and serious game.


Ud’Anet manages telematic infrastructures for e-learning, supplying specific ICT services and products to the Telematic University “Leonardo da Vinci” ( also supporting its transnational networking activities.

Ud’Anet’s organization chart is composed of 5 main areas: Management (a Chairman of the Board;a

General Director and an adviser); Technical area (Graphic and Multimedia; software design and

development); Projects Area (Training, social projects; Advertising e communication);

Admninistrative Area (General Secretariat; general account and Accounting for funded projects); Quality office.




European Network for Scientific Education



Ud’Anet has a dedicated team of human resources to develop thematic projects to promote and disseminate ICT tools in different fields, public and private, with particular attention to young people needs and social cases.

The main annual sources originate from public funding (European Community; regional and local institution).

European Programs: Equal, LifeLongLearning – Leonardo TOI and Comenius, Progress, Tempus, FEI, Tempus Programme, PROGRESS Programme.


Ud’Anet Experiences LLP Programme

2008-2010 – Leonardo da Vinci Programme-Transfer of Innovation- TOI

RES PROJECT European Network for Scientific Education: LLP-LDV/TOI/2007/IT372;

PARTNERSHIP: Ud’Anet (coordinator); University G.

D’Annunzio (IT); University of Amsterdam (NL); Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (EL)

Objectives: RES promoted the European cooperation amongst teachers, students and researchers to an

effective use of the ICT in order to improve the education, the guidance and the learning of Physics.

2011-2013 Leonardo da Vinci Programme -Transfer of Innovation- TOI


PARTNERSHIP: L.Da Vinci Telematic University UNIDAV (COORDINATOR), University of Ulster (UK), Evalitas

(AT), EFQUEL European Foundation for quality in e-learning (BE), INVALSI (IT) National Organization for

School’s evaluation.

TQM intends to provide a contribution to the discussed subject of the evaluation of trainers, validating a

bottom-up action model, consisting of a training process for teachers/trainers, and a prototype of e-portfolio

used in Northern Ireland.

2011-2013 Leonardo da Vinci Programme COMENIUS REGIO PARTNERSHIPS

TBF - Towards a Better Future


SWIETOKRZYSKIE PROVINCE (Poland),local schools, Ud’Anet

2011-2013 Leonardo da Vinci Programme COMENIUS REGIO PARTNERSHIPS

LEG@MI DI PAROLE aims to create a whole web among several formal and informal

educational agencies of the local areas and among generations.


Ud’Anet European and local Programs

2007/2008/2009/2010“The Bet of Technical-Scientific Knowledge ” project: Scientific Technical Guidance Regional

Operational Programme; partnership: University G. D’Annunzio (IT) (coordinator);

Ud’Anet srl (IT), Local schools (IT); Location: Abruzzo Region;

Objectives: promote technical and scientific faculties: Results: Distance learning platform and learning

objects development; web portal, web game to facilitate the learning through the play

2011-2013 PROGRESS PROGRAM Call for proposal VP/2010/007 – Call for proposals for social experimentation

TIN COM Project Partnership: Ud’Anet (coordinator), Progetti Sociali (IT), Inclusion (UK)

TinCom project aims to innovate the approach of the Open Method of Coordination to youth inclusion and

employment policies by applying for the first time the methodology of the Living Laboratory

2011-2013 TEMPUS PROGRAM CHTMBAL Project Master in Cultural Heritage and Tourism Management in

Balcan Countries.

2013 – 2015 LLP TOI DE/13/LLP-LdV/TOI/147604 TO HEALTHProjectTransfer and update of knowledge

in biomechanics regulatory affairs and medical devices; Facilitating the transfer of knowledge and skills to the

healthcare technology sector.

2013 – 2014 Support services to Catalyse a Startup Europe Partnership"– SMART 2013/N005”Contract notice:

2013/S 154-267522 DOT-EU Booster


Ud’Anet Experiences in New Technologies

  • Ud’Anet creates serious games for didactic and informative purposes by adopting a methodology which is
  • based on three strategic elements: didactical and recreational aspect use of New Technologies production
  • of Specialized Contents.
  • Ud’Anet has created the following didactic web games in the fields of university counselling and prevention:
  • Artsana Spa :
  • Realization of a webgame for “Domestic Security” in order to disseminate the best practices and the rules to
  • improve the safety of children at home, at school and in playing areas. The webgame has been awarded the
  • following prize “SIP- Osservatorio CHICCO”.
  • “Daddy a tavola” -
  • Realization of a webgame addressed to mothers for the promotion of a healthy diet for their children.
  • University “G. d’Annunzio” - The challenge of scientific knowledge- Realization of a didactic webgame for
  • counselling services provided to schools
  • - 2009-2010 Edition “Gran premio della scienza”
  • Project “IMMIGRATI IN FORMAZIONE”www.informasicurezza.comSerious Game in AR to be played in a
  • simulated real environment.

Ud’Anet Experiences in New Technologies


My pre-school tab is an educational tablet marketed by “Lisciani giochi”, for kids from 4 to 6 and 6 to 10

years old,with a 7 inches screen, a performing litio battery and a camera. The androidsystem has been

configured by Ud’Anet that has also developed the educational applications and games, divided into 9 topics

containing 9 educational games. When purchased the kids have already 45 games, 5 for each teaching area .

With USB keys it’s possible to expand the applications to a total of 81 games. My Tab contains a single section:

workshops for children. It contains an application to draw freehand , a funny piano, a program to modify photos

and a basic illustrated talking andsound dictionary .

Ud’Anet is in process to implement MIO TAB with augmented reality.

For further information about the tablets made by Ud'Anet you can visit the website of the

manufacturer Lisciani Giochi ( or on youtube: