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The Enlightenment Vs. The Great Awakening PowerPoint Presentation
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The Enlightenment Vs. The Great Awakening

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The Enlightenment Vs. The Great Awakening - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Enlightenment Vs. The Great Awakening. Find It. Find one person affiliated with either the Enlightenment or the G reat Awakening. Find ideas supported by the Enlightenment and/or the Great Awakening. Find two examples of period relevant ideas …………………………………566666666669+

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find it
Find It

Find one person affiliated with either the Enlightenment or the Great Awakening.

Find ideas supported by the Enlightenment and/or the Great Awakening.

Find two examples of period relevant ideas

  • …………………………………566666666669+
  • Find one person affiliated365.0.3``47 with either the great awakening or the enlightenment
  • Find where each period occurred
  • Find a brief description of the times and the philosophy's they promote
the enlightenment
The Enlightenment
  • Who-

John Locke-

English philosopher that is thought to have influenced most of the Enlightenments great thinkers. His ideas spread and have been used in the establishments of democracy

Isaac Newton-

an English physicist that contributed to the Scientific focus of the enlightenment with discovery and invention



A movement of intellectuals in England that supported reason and individualism instead of tradition



Began in the late 17th and early 18th century

Enlightenment ideas still influence society today



Europe focused primarily in England



A way to reform society using reason

Challenge ideas grounded in tradition and faith

Advance knowledge through the scientific method.

the great awakening
The Great Awakening
  • Who-

Jonathan Edwards-

preacher that is thought to start the revivals in Massachusetts and set the stage for other preachers to follow in the other colonies

George Whitefield-

a traveling preacher that spurred the causes of the Great Awakening in the southern colonies



Changed Americans' understanding of God, themselves, the world around them, and religion



Began in the mid 1700’s and lasted until the rise of the American Enlightenment



Seen primarily in the American colonies



Thought to have begun as a result of Edwards preaching in 1741 and was spurred on through Whitefield's travels and preaching toward the later part of the century.

The need to change Americans ideas of God, the world, and themselves.

compare the two
Compare the Two

The Great Awakening

The Enlightenment

The Enlightenment spread where the Great awakening remained isolated

what you need to know
What you need to know

Where did the Enlightenment Occur?


What were central ideas of the enlightenment?

-Science and reason

Where did the Great awakening occur?

-Early American colonies

What ideas did The Great awakening support?

-Enthusiastic religious waves

Which are true of both the Great awakening and the Enlightenment?

-Both brought about new ideas


Who is thought of as the first preacher of the Great Awakening?

- Jonathan Edwards

Who is one philosopher of the Enlightenment?

-John Locke

When is it thought that the Enlightenment period began?

- late 17th and Early 18th century

What was the perceived need that led to the Great Awakening?

- A change in Americans views on God

When did the Great Awakening Take place?

- Mid 1700’s