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National Operations Center. Terry M. Raymond Chief of the CAP National Operations Center. National Operations Center. Overview Background on the NOC What do we do? FY11 Stats & Challenges. National Operations Center. Concept began in 1997

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National operations center
National Operations Center

Terry M. Raymond

Chief of the CAP National Operations Center

National operations center1
National Operations Center

  • Overview

    • Background on the NOC

    • What do we do?

    • FY11 Stats & Challenges

National operations center2
National Operations Center

  • Concept began in 1997

    • Operations Center set up using Ops Emergency Services and Communications staff

National operations center3
National Operations Center

After 9/11/2001, the NOC becomes a full time operation in 2002.

National operations center4
National Operations Center

  • 2007 NOC moves to its new location in the basement of building 711.

    • For the first time since its inception, the NOC has a facility designed for its operations.

National operations center5
National Operations Center

Where exactly is the NOC?

National operations center11
National Operations Center

  • The NOC Operations:

    • 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM Monday – Friday

    • An “On Call” duty officer is available by cell phone after hours, weekends, and holidays

      • Emergency or urgent mission matters only

    • During high tempo, the NOC can be manned 24/7

National operations center12
National Operations Center

  • What does the NOC do?

    • Mission Coordination

    • Mission Funding

    • Mission Reporting

    • Mission Reimbursement

National operations center13
National Operations Center

  • Air Force SAR Missions

    • AFRCC or JRCC assigns missions directly to CAP Wing

National operations center

National operations center

National operations center

  • Misc. Corporate Flights

    • Cadet training, proficiency flights, meetings, etc.

    • Mission is automatically set up for each fiscal year

National operations center14
National Operations Center

  • All other missions

    • Start with a request

      • The customer sends a request for CAP support

    • Wing enters mission information into WMIRS

National operations center15
National Operations Center

  • The coordination begins.

    • Can this be an Air Force Assigned Mission (AFAM)?

      • Provides FECA/FTCA protections for CAP Members and CAP

    • Is there “Federal Interest?”

National operations center

National operations center

  • Federal Interest

    • Is it Drug Interdiction (CD)?

      • Drug Interdiction must be an AFAM

National operations center16
National Operations Center

For State requests, does the state provide an appropriation to CAP?

National operations center17
National Operations Center

  • Federal Interest

    • State requests

      • Counties must request through the state.

National operations center19
National Operations Center

  • Not a Federal Agency and no Federal Interest?

    • Corporate Mission?

      • NOC reviews and Wing Commander approves.

        • AIR Transportation?

        • Law Enforcement?

National operations center20
National Operations Center

  • Federal Interest, but who pays?

    • Must be determined before turning a prop

    • CAP appropriated money for SAR, Drug Interdiction, and Air Force support.

National operations center21
National Operations Center

  • The Economy Act

    • Requires other Federal Agencies to pay for CAP support

    • Payment usually by Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR)

    • Must be loaded to the Cooperative Agreement before the mission can start

National operations center22
National Operations Center

  • For disaster missions, the process is very quick on the Air Force side.

    • Contracting office is alerted to a High Priority document

National operations center23
National Operations Center

  • AFAM Approval

    • Disaster or Emergency

      • ATO Change request sent to Air Force with request & immediate sortie data (next 24 hours at least)

    • Things can escalate quickly

National operations center24
National Operations Center

  • If the mission is not urgent:

    • Approval is through the ATO cycle.

    • What is the ATO cycle?

National operations center25
National Operations Center

  • Normal ATO cycle:

    • Operations on Wednesday – Friday

      • Must be in WMIRS by 0630 Central time Monday

    • Operations on Saturday – Tuesday

      • Must be in WMIRS by 0630 Central time Thursday

National operations center26
National Operations Center

  • Things that can change the ATO Cycle

    • Ops Tempo (large scale disasters)

    • Holidays

    • Localized event at AFNORTH

National operations center

National operations center

  • Planning

    • Stay ahead!

    • Plan for the next day or ATO cycle

National operations center27
National Operations Center

  • Reporting:

    • Normal missions only require the information in WMIRS

    • DSCA missions generally require SITREP’s

      • A template will be provided

National operations center28
National Operations Center

  • Finances

    • Remember there is no endless pot of money!

    • Every mission has a limit

    • MIPR’s have a hard limit.

National operations center29
National Operations Center

  • Reimbursements

    • What can be reimbursed?

National operations center30
National Operations Center

  • Mission Expenses

    • Aircraft Fuel/Oil

    • Vehicle Fuel/Oil

    • Communications Costs

    • Supplies necessary for the mission only.

      • Paper, pencils/pens, etc.

      • Equipment is not reimbursed

      • Can not pay for pilot supplies

National operations center31
National Operations Center

  • Mission Related?

    • To this mission only?

  • Ask before you spend.

National operations center32
National Operations Center

  • Receipts required for everything

    • Do not refuel days after the flight.

National operations center33
National Operations Center

This is not a receipt!

National operations center34
National Operations Center

  • Problems that slow your reimbursements

    • Incorrect or missing receipt

      • We’ve seen letters, a job application, etc.

    • The receipt amount is not the same as the e108

      • Sometimes a simple typo

    • Receipts that cover multiple missions.

      • Auditors love these!

National operations center35
National Operations Center

Mission Stats for FY11

National operations center36
National Operations Center

  • Issues we faced in FY11

    • Budget – Continuing Resolution for 6 months

    • Drug Interdiction operations shut down

    • Cadet Orientation Flights minimal

    • Training minimal

    • Missions funded from other agencies could fly

National operations center37
National Operations Center

Overall Mission Information

National operations center38
National Operations Center

Cadet Orientation Flights

National operations center39
National Operations Center

  • The Good News

    • Flying returned quickly once funding restored

National operations center40
National Operations Center

FY10 / FY11 Comparison

National operations center41
National Operations Center

  • The NOC is here to support CAP missions

    • We work missions, but we can also help with

      • Mission related questions

      • Need for mission data

      • Oplan templates